Competition and Comparison

Videobook's often get lumped in with CBTs (Computer-based training) and e-learning yet they are distinctly different. A comparative analysis of each is listed below: Computer-based training (CBT) is a very effective medium for training employees. Although it offers an excellent ROI, CBTs often carries a high start-up cost for business looking to implement and are therefore marketed mostly to companies/departments (cost is often too high for an individual to purchase). CBTs are an excellent tool for training and can feature online (trackable) quizzes, excellent examples and 3D motion video. Many CBTs can be viewed offline (no connection to the Internet may ever be required) and most CBTs are delivered via CD-ROM or DVD via postal mail or in-store purchase. CBTs are historically proprietary and often require special software to be installed on the user's computer.

e-learning and Videobook's are also often compared due to the fact that both models use the web for content delivery. The main differences between the two are cost (e-learning is typically not a low-cost medium), target market (e-learning has historically been too expensive for individuals and so the target market has primarily been companies and departments), and portability (e-learning requires an Internet connection to participate).