Key Features of a Videobook

COMPONENTS: Basic component of a videobook is video. Comparing videobook to printed book and audio book -- the printed book will have printed text (words), the audio book will have audio words. The videobook will have text showing on user screen along with pictures and video clips, if necessary. The text displayed may get animated along with related audio commentary in the background. Videobook may also contain video footage shot from video camera or video footage collected from any source.

DELIVERY: Typically, web-based delivery in video format. Downloadable videos, free of cost or at low cost for a subscription

FOCUS: Videos focus on teaching a specific task (task-based videos)

LEARNER'S FREEDOM: Learner can watch the videos in any order they wish; the videos are presented in a recommended order but, due to the downloadable model, learners can download and watch videos in any sequence. Videobook's provide freedom to learner to learn in his own pace and at his own leisure time

TEACHER'S FREEDOM : Videobook's provide freedom to subject expert to prepare video content in the way he wants

CONNECTIVITY: Require no Internet connection to watch the video (Internet connection is required to download the video however)

PORTABILITY: Videos are portable and non-proprietary - users can watch the video on any computer and most portable devices

TARGET GROUP: Target market is usually the individual instead of a corporation or company department

COST OF PREPARATION: Videobook's are very cost-effective and easy to develop using low cost screen capturing software. Lot of scope to enhance the functionalities of screen capturing software, available in market at present.

PROCESS OF PREPARATION: Videobook's may be prepared for any topic of knowledge using a) presentation software such as Power point, b) Screen capturing software such as Camtasia and c) Text-to-Speech software, such as TextAloudMP3 to provide audio commentary. With the use of these three powerful tools any expert can develop Videobook's at his leisure time, modify & fine tune the content as per learner's feedback and release improved versions of Videobook's conveniently.