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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

The debate over the safety and efficacy of vaccines is not new. While vaccines seem to be very effective in eradicating many terrible diseases, they are closely tied to the development of other serious health and developmental problems, including autism. It would appear that by using vaccines we have not improved the overall health of our children, but simply traded infectious disease for chronic disease.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy (CP)?

The name cerebral palsy means brain paralysis and was it was known as Cerebral Paralysis in the mid-nineteenth century, when an English doctor, William Little, first identified it [1]. It is also known as Little's Disease. It's a term that covers a spectrum of disorders. Despite ever-increasing knowledge about how the brain functions, it continues to be a somewhat mysterious disease. The exact cause is not known, although many likely causes have been identified [3].

Garden of our Mind

How and why do we believe what we believe? How do we arrive at our underlying set of beliefs and attitudes as well as assumptions and prejudices? Who planted the information in our mind? Was it nurturing or toxic information? Where did their attitude come from? Most belief systems form before the age of six. Did you hear, see or experience something that caused you to establish patterns for your actions the rest of your life?

Family: Absent Parents & Left Behind Kids

"Why did my daddy leave?

Was it because I was a bad girl or he didn't love us anymore?"

Explaining the absent parent is never easy, but it is necessary. For children, their primary fear is of abandonment and loss of parental love. There may be a number of reasons that the family is no longer intact, if it ever was, but the child is looking for reassurance that it is not their fault and that they will be cared for.

ADD: Setting up Systems

Children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder are not crazy, nor are they out to drive those around them crazy! They have a genetic difference in functioning of the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which causes them to react more strongly to stimuli and subsequently have difficulty focusing.

Anxiety and Breathing


Ways to Help Your Child Focus and Pay Attention

Your child is already paying attention. The question is what are they paying attention to? Children who have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder often fail to pay attention to what they are supposed to be paying attention to – the teacher in the classroom, your instructions to stop running in the house or the fact that they have a quiz next week in social studies class.

Top Ten Tips for Parenting ADHD and Spirited Kids

1. Advocate for your child. This means you need to “spin” your child's behavior to friends, family and teachers. Has your child's antics been any worse than our leading politicians? Probably not. Imagine the spinmeisters on talk shows who try to get their politicians elected. Do the same for your child.

2. Coach your child to name and feel ok with all their emotions. Kids act bad when they are mad, sad or “ascared.” When you coach your child to tell you what she feels, her bad behavior will heal.

‘IMAGE' the Printed Word

Questions to think about!

- When someone speaks to you, do the words you hear make a picture in your head?

- When you hear a joke, do you get it? Or, do you understand the punch-line?

- When you read a book, a newspaper article, a recipe or directions to a new restaurant, do the words you read make a picture in your head?

Touch Point Math

Parents and educators who have tried desperately to help students memorize their math facts AND for anyone who is afraid of math, there is help out there: help is just waiting to point and show you the way!! ARH! ARH! No student will have to count on their fingers and toes any more. Yeah!