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Setting the Table for Thinking and Memory

Is having a poor memory causing you or someone in your life difficulty? If so, this article could be helpful in strengthening memory skills for all. For most people, experiencing an event is memorable because the event was enhanced by the use of some of their five senses: smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing, and touching and an added dimension is the stimulation of emotions. That in mind, no pun intended, experiential learning or multimodal teaching techniques were developed in order to enhance a student's capabilities of remembering what was taught in a lesson.

When In Doubt- Check It Out!

I want to help my child: "BUT HOW?" The family has determined either through consistent poor grades, teacher conferences, and/or neuropsychological and academic testing that the student has learning disabilities. In order for students to be successful in academics, there are certain skills that must be acquired. There are definite questions and defining skills that a parent/guardian can investigate with their child to determine if the child owns these skills or not.

Assessing Student Writing

Assessing student work is vital to determining if students have attained important skills and knowledge. This is especially true for writing because this is both knowledge and skill based. But many teachers are still using antiquated means of assessing their students' writing. You don't have to stay up late into the night swathing each paper in red ink. There are better and more efficient ways to assess your students writing.

Writing Paragraphs

Writing paragraphs in our school's program means following a specific rubric. We teach the students to use the same format and steps. We follow the five-step writing process, focusing on brainstorming, drafting, and revision. Paragraph writing for us means drafting, which will be full of mistakes and correctible areas (which we can edit later on). When first introduced, students will be practicing writing paragraphs every day until they master the format we use.

Revisiting the SQ3R Reading Strategy

Many teachers have used the SQ3R reading strategy successfully for years. For new teachers, this can have a positive impact on whatever class, grade, or subject you are teaching. Reading is a vital skill in every class and every subject area, and a strategy to improve students' reading while working on specific class material is extremely beneficial.

Using Random Student Cards in Class

Much has been said and written lately about providing students with choices. I'm all about any methods which will improve student involvement in class, giving them ownership in their learning. There are many ways to give students choices, options, or just to provide random results and change up the monotony. This article will discuss how to use random results in typical class situations.

Ever wonder if you choose certain students more (or less) often in class than others? Or would you like to be able to completely call on students at random?

Context Paragraphs Writing Activity

Here's another great writing activity I picked up at a conference in Sault Ste. Marie a few years ago. This can be used (and adapted) for any age or grade level, or any course or subject area. Context paragraphs are similar to our Context Sentences, except students are writing out paragraphs to use their word list.

Outdoor Writing

In the spring especially I like to take the students outside to write. This makes a nice contrast from the classroom and can be a great reward for good classroom behavior. The favorite of my classes are journal writes, because students get to choose their own topics. Whatever type of writing you choose, make sure your students incorporate their observations of the environment around them.

Student Biographies And Interviewing

Our biography project begins with careful planning long before the actual class implementation. The first step is to set up the access to information. We arrange our time with our local librarian so she's well aware of the project expectations. She always thinks of details we need, and she's really good about setting out autobiography/biography books and materials for us.

Creating Web Pages in Class

Web pages can become a great means of displaying and publishing student work. There are millions of people online every moment of every day. Our students are fully accustomed to using the web for everything from research to communication to shopping. Web pages are the language in which they are both comfortable and competent.