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Coaching College-Readiness To Your High School Senior

Few experiences in life compare to traversing the emotional chasm of leaving home to attend college. Many unexpected challenges await incoming freshman, testing confidence and character. Without the psychological readiness to manage these tests, the academic preparation that opened the doors to college won't keep them open. Difficulties with roommates and hall-mates, troubles adjusting to a new environment, and poor self-discipline are among the life tests that can make it or break it for the new college student.

Coaching the Overly Competitive Child

A mother writes: My ten year old son reacts to competition as if it's life or death. His overreactions make people scared to play with him. What can we do to help him?

Helping Children Contend With The Internet Age

Although today's technology provides immediate news and endless information it also adds one more challenge to raising children: balancing access with the ability to put it into perspective. The "internet world" can take the most heinous deeds or scariest events, condense for attention, and place front and center. Curious children can't help themselves as they point-and-click themselves into an emotional black hole of worry and confusion. Television news and radio broadcasts can serve up similar meals for the naïve ears of unsuspecting children.

Coaching Balance to Children with Special Needs

Parents write: Our daughter's amazing talents in art and gymnastics have offered wonderful opportunities but also been a source of personal pain. We are not sure how best to help. Any suggestions?

Helping Older Children Conquer Separation Problems

A mother writes: Our 11 year old daughter never wants to sleep away from home. She turns down sleepover invitations from friends and tells us she never wants to leave home. We think she has separation anxiety. Any suggestions?

Coaching Organizational Skills To ADHD Children

Of all the struggles associated with ADHD organizational problems create the greatest havoc in children's academic lives. Forgotten or misplaced homework assignments, lost supplies, poor long term planning, and underestimating task demands are a few of the typical traps that sabotage school performance. The resulting stress imposed upon family relationships, coupled with the damage incurred by the child's self-esteem, makes it vital that children learn ways to overcome the organizational chaos so typical of ADHD.

The Parent Coach: Make Camp An Enjoyable Experience

A parent writes: Each time overnight camp season rolls around, my kids express much excitement about the fun that awaits them. Although I am glad they see camp in a positive light I worry that some of the problems that have cropped up in past years might be repeated. Teasing by their bunkmates, conflicts with counselors, and trouble accepting their performance on the sports field, have made for difficult times. How can I prepare them to handle these difficulties without making them feel like I am trying to spoil their fun?

Coaching Acceptance Of ADHD and Learning Disabilities

A parent writes:  My teenage son is very upset about having been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning differences. Not only does he deny that he has them but each time I try to speak with him about these conditions he gets angry and shuts down. What are your suggestions?

Coaching Sports Readiness Skills

A parent writes: Our seven year old is very hesitant about sports. Much to my husband's disappointment, he  tells us that he doesn't like to play but won't say much more. We wonder if he is afraid to compete but are unsure as to whether we should push or back off. Any suggestions?

The Parent Coach: Providing Summer Structure

A parent writes: As the school year comes to a close, and summer vacation is just around the corner, my husband and I grow apprehensive. Without the structure and routine of school, our three kids become more unruly. It seems like they thrive on tormenting each other, and I end up playing the role of referee. Any suggestions for how we can prevent another summer of conflict and get things off on a better start?