Opponents of year-round school cite:

Year-round schools show little to no academic improvement due to the calendar change.

Multi-tracking, while cost effective in the short term, actually ends up costing more due to higher utility costs, less or no down time for building maintenance, and the loss of opportunity to build before the cost of labor and materials rise after population increases force the building of new facilities. Multi-tracking does not alleviate the need for new school construction, it merely puts off the decision to build until it is even more cost prohibitive, thus locking communities into overcrowded schools and multi-tracking year-round calendars.

Multi-tracking can cause family and community disintegration. This occurs when siblings/neighbors are on different tracks. Further disintegration is seen when extended family and church members are on different tracks, or in the case of single-tracking, different inter sessions.

Teachers' ability to attend college classes in the summer is compromised due to a year-round calendar.

Teachers who have children in a year-round school, but teach in a non year-round school, or in a year-round school on a different track or calendar, are not able to vacation at the same time during the year or the summer as their family.

Teachers have more problems with children staying focused before a break, and upon return due to the more frequent breaks throughout the year.

Students on year-round calendars tend to lose out on summer employment to their non year-round counterparts.

Student burnout can increase due to the reduction in down time during the summer.

Advanced placement classes are sometimes removed in favor of year-round calendars.

Students in year-round schools have more opportunities to forget what they learned due to the added and extended breaks throughout the year.

Summer school, where classes can be taken for credit are replaced with inter sessions. throughout the year, for no credit.

Inter sessions. tend to turn into play time as inter session content turns into fluff classes and sometimes taught by community volunteers with no background check required.

Curriculum and materials for the normal school year are approved by the board, but curriculum and materials for inter sessions. are not.

Community members who want to maintain family time and traditions are pitted against those in favor of the change causing community division.

School districts frequently employ deceptive methods to push the calendar through. Many surveys are framed to yield a predetermined result, yet only the numbers are reported.

Difficulty in scheduling school-wide events such as student assemblies, open-house, or PTA meetings and other functions because at least 1 track is out of school at any point in time.

Child care is more difficult to obtain.

Some health problems are seen when conducting school activities and classes in the summer heat.

People find it hard to pay attention.