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*Weapons of math destruction is a web site of standards-based mathematics humor.

Examples of some cartoons on NCTM math standards and standards-based curricula:

Worker uses a drill to drive a nail. "Should we teach him about the hammer? No, he's got to discover it for himself"

Agent to president "Mr. President, in 24 hours, this school district will be teaching Core-Plus Mathematics Project to thousands of children". Get Jack Bauer Now!

Mom, I can't finish the math homework. We're out of glue.

Teacher has fainted over 6+6+6 = 666. Police "This is why it's called Investigations. It was completely avoidable"

As long as we send home A's, they won't complain about the math.

Investigations in Numbers, Time and Space: Use 3 different methods to tell if 3 is even or odd. Show your work.