TPR Storytelling Training

Teaching using TPR Storytelling is a very different experience from most other ways of teaching language. It requires juggling of many different techniques in the classroom, and also an ability to make meaningful connections with students in the target language. This is extremely hard to do without training and practice, so it is recommended that teachers attend at least one workshop or training session before they try TPR Storytelling in their classrooms.

There are many TPRS workshops available in the United States, including those by Blaine Ray, Susan Gross, Ben Slavic, TPRS Publishing, Karen Rowan, Teach for June, Chalkboard Productions, and many more. It is more difficult to find workshops outside of the United States. In the Netherlands, TPR Storytelling workshops, training and coaching are provided by and TPRS Nederland. Chalkboard Productions does online webinar training that is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

There are two main conferences for TPRS teachers, NTPRS and Cancun. NTPRS stands for National TPRS, and takes place every year in the United States. The Cancun conference takes place every year in a Club Med in Mexico, and lasts for one week.

Various researchers and TPRS teachers come together to create the International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. It is a free online journal aimed at language teachers, and contains both research papers related to language acquisition and articles about language teaching.