Early Academic Outreach Program Method

EAOP employs four key program services—academic enrichment, entrance exam preparation, academic advising, and college knowledge—to successfully help students in schools with low college-going rates attain college eligibility and attend college.

    Academic Advising: EAOP specializes in individual and group academic advising that helps students complete California’s ‘a–g’ college-preparatory courses required for UC/CSU admission.

    Academic Enrichment: EAOP students improve basic skills, master advanced high school curriculum and have the opportunity to engage in the intellectual life of the University through study and research.

    Entrance Exam Preparation: SAT and ACT preparation workshops and in-depth classes familiarize students with test formats, study strategies and test-taking tips, and provide extensive practice with verbal and mathematics questions.

    College Knowledge: Students and parents learn about financial aid and scholarships, how to fill out college applications and write effective personal statements. They tour campuses, attend workshops, go on field trips and learn about California’s post-secondary education options.