Student Population

The purpose of EAOP is to increase the number of students who have the opportunity to achieve a post-secondary education. EAOP reaches those students who might otherwise not have gone to college and puts them on track to a post-secondary education.

Populations with lower college-going rates EAOP population
Low API schools 79% of the schools EAOP serves are in the five lowest API deciles.
Low-income students According to census tract data, 71% of EAOP schools are in communities with median family incomes of less than $50,000, compared to about 47% of high schools statewide.

In Sacramento County, for example, the vast majority of EAOP students live in areas where the household income is $52,000 or less.

Underrepresented at UC Most students in EAOP are from groups underrepresented at the University of California, 69%, a rate that is very close to the percentage of underrepresented students in the schools served by the programs.
EAOP alumni at UC At the University of California, three quarters of freshmen attended the state's highest-performing high schools, those with an API of 6-10. Only one quarter of freshmen at UC attended schools with an API of 6-10. By comparison, three quarters of EAOP alumni (freshmen) at the University of California attended schools with an API of 1-5.