Educational Television Channels - WBEC-TV

WBEC-TV, (digital channel 40), is an non-commercial educational public television independent station owned by the Broward County Public Schools. The station is licensed in Boca Raton, Florida (within the West Palm Beach television market), with studios and transmitter in Davie (within the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market).

Originally started as a cable TV channel in the mid-1970s, known then as Instructional Television of Broward County, Florida (ITV); some of the in-school programming produced by Instructional Television (ITV) were also distributed to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and other educational television stations throughout Florida, especially as a benefit to those without cable television. In order to have unrestricted use of the Instructional Television Center, in 1984, the District reimbursed the funds it had received from the Florida State Department of Education to establish the center. The center placed emphasis on the production and broadcast of instructional television programming, but it also produced television programs for the community that were carried by cable companies that provided broadcast time to the District.

In 1998 the channel would later be renamed Broward Education Communications Network (BECON), and would make its move to terrestrial television after its purchase of the WPPB-TV license. The station's license dates back to June 10, 1986, but the station itself would not start broadcasting until 1999. On March 15, 2008, the station changed its call letters to WBEC-TV, reflecting its branding, Broward Education Communications.

Broward County District Schools also owns and operates WKPX-FM 88.5MHz, a student-run high school radio station with a radio format that generally plays alternative music, plus school board meetings.