Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

The Wisconsin Educational Communications Board (W)ECB) is a state agency committed to ensuring that public radio and television programs and services are made available throughout Wisconsin, and that these programs and services reflect and respond to the educational and cultural needs of the state's residents. The ECB plans, develops, constructs and operates statewide public radio, public television, and educational telecommunication systems. ECB operates Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Extension. In addition, The ECB is responsible for maintaining NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards stations in Wisconsin and the state's Amber Alert network.

The agency also has cooperative relationships with and provides educational and instructional programming for public television stations WDSE-TV/Duluth-Superior and Milwaukee Public Television, as well as with several University of Wisconsin campus radio stations. In addition, The ECB assists others in the public sector to meet their needs through the use of telecommunications.

The Education Division of the ECB provides educators and PK-12 students with educational media, classroom resources, and professional development training opportunities in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Wisconsin Public Television, Wisconsin Public Radio, and the University of Wisconsin-Extension. The ECB also develops the Surf Report, a monthly online and video guide to digital resources for Wisconsin schools.