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Basic Information

Address: 4700 Trimmier Rd. Suite F Killeen, TX 76542
Phone Number: (254) 258-3865

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American Shotokan Karate Acdemy
American Shotokan Karate Acdemy
American Shotokan Karate Acdemy
American Shotokan Karate Acdemy

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Additional Information

Focus: Development and perfection of character through martial arts
Director: Sensei Michael Jay Jackson
Schools Served: We serve the entire community
School District: KISD
County: Bell
Schedule: Check our website for latest scheduling
Ages: Karate program 3yrs old and up/ after school program 6 to 12yrs old
Program Information:


The Before and After School Karate Program is the perfect alternative.
As you know, training in Karate helps builds  confidence, self-control, discipline, character, and
self-esteem. It also  develops your child's concentration and coordination. At the American Shotokan
Karate Academy (ASKA), we develop leaders. I (Sensei Jackson, Chief Instructor) have worked in the
area of child instruction for the last 34 years from the streets of New York City, to 20yrs of military
service, 9yrs with the Armed Services YMCA Karate Program, and now owning, managing and directing
the martial arts curriculum for ASKA. I also worked in my home for five years as a therapeutic foster
parent and have raised two sons that have attained the rank of black belt and are currently my assistant instructors. I personally handpick and trained all of the instructors and child supervisors. I have trained each one so there are no worries about who is working with your child and what he/she is learning.
We pick your child up from their school at the end of the school day. We bring them to our Karate
school and their time will include snacks, games, quiet time for homework or crafts and, of course, Karate training. In addition to all that, here is the added benefit - your Karate class tuition is included in the cost of the program. The American Shotokan Karate Academy is an Approved Off-Campus Physical
Education (OCPE) Provider for KISD (Killeen Independent School District).

Children routinely make great gains and benefits training on a 2 day a week basis. Think of what it will be on an every day basis. They will progress faster up the belt ranks than usual. We will vary what occurs in the After School Karate Program so that your child will not suffer "karate burn out."

How to get signed up is this:
Please call for an appointment, and then come by the Karate Academy located at: 4700 Trimmier Rd.
Suite F (on the corner of Trimmier Rd. and Stan Schuleter). Bring your child with you so the Sensei
(instructor) can meet the new student personally.
I made a recent survey of local day care provider prices. They range anywhere from $75 to $125.00 a
week or more. With us at $75per week we are a great deal for what you get. We are very excited about
the program. This program provides a tremendous service for you and your child - we train your child in karate until you get off work and your child develops confidence, self-control, greater hand-eye
coordination, concentration and knowledge of self-defense. You can't get a better deal than this
Register to enroll your child in the After School Karate Program right away!
There is limited space so call  today at (254) 258-3865 to reserve
your child's spot in our program!