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Address: 394 Broadway 3rd floor New York, NY 10013
Phone Number: 212766622
Fax Number: 2127666623

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Focus: Martial Arts
Director: Dan anderson / Dasha Libin
School District: Downtown Manhattan
County: USA
Schedule: M 4-5pm / Turs 4-5pm/ Fri 4-5pm/ Sat 10am-11am
Ages: 6-14 years old
Membership/Pricing: between 150-125 per month

6,000 sq foot Martial Arts training facility


16 years in business in NYC

Program Highlights:

A unique blend of all ranges from stand-up, ground fighting and weapons training and education

Program Information:



Dear Parents,

Martial arts can have a profound effect on a child in ways beyond the mere physical. A Carleton University study found children involved in martial arts to have a lower level of anxiety, an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in willingness to take foolish risks, a higher sense of self esteem, a higher level of social intelligence and were less likely to be radical. It is with this in mind that we are proud to announce our brand new “Little Dragons” children’s program. This program has been designed to provide your child with a myriad of benefits, some of which are as follows:

    To build and improve your child’s self-confidence and character
    To establish discipline, we enforce good rules of behavior within the class and we expect the same both at home and in the classroom.
    To provide the child with a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Unlike team sports, martial arts focuses on individual gain and this will be demonstrated through the awarding of higher ranks.
    To give kids a way to channel their natural energy and aggression into something safe and positive.
    To build mental focus and stamina.
    To impart the concepts and principles of self-defense. The children are instructed that martial arts is not to be used for any reason other than a last resort of self-defense.

Anderson’s Martial Arts is NYC’s premiere center for Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do concepts and Filipino Martial Arts. We have over a decade’s experience teaching martial arts to people from all walks of life and, as such, feel that we are supremely qualified to give your child the quality of martial arts instruction they deserve. We operate a spacious training facility conveniently located in downtown Manhattan and have a well-trained, friendly staff of instructors. We hope that you will consider giving your child the gift of martial arts, and please feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding this program between the hours of 12PM – 9PM, Monday through Friday, at (212) 766 – 6622. Thank you very much for your time and I hope this finds you well.

Our ‘Little Dragons’ Classes will start on September 2nd, 2010
The class schedule will be as follows:
Monday 4pm- 5pm
Thursday 4pm-5pm
Friday 4pm-5pm
Saturday 10am-11am

Each class will cover a full range curriculum, including Jeet Kune Do / Filipino Kali / Brazilian JiuJitsu. The combination of these classes will provide a perfect sport and self defense class of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’.

The curriculum is structured specifically for children 6-14 years of age. AMAA’s Little Dragons will go though testing and belt ranking, attaining their belts in the AMAA MMA curriculum. By the time your child reaches 15 they will be tested and considered for the regular AMAA adult Phase program.

If you are considering Anderson’s Martial Arts for your kids, please email us or call us and schedule a FREE private introductory lesson and evaluation for your child. Please note that we expect parents to be there for the entire introductory lesson.

Family memberships and discounts are available.

Dan Anderson
Director and Head Instructor

Slogan: Children are our future!