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Basic Information

Address: 1517 W 48 th Street Los Angeles , CA 90062
Phone Number: (323) 292 2261
Fax Number: (323) 292 1021

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Blazer Youth Services Community Club
Blazer Youth Services Community Club
Blazer Youth Services Community Club
Blazer Youth Services Community Club

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Additional Information

Focus: Empowering Youth and Improving Community
Director: Carlton Davenport
Schedule: Mon-Fri 2-6pm
Ages: 4-18
Capacity: 300 at each site
Membership/Pricing: No fee

The Blazers is located in the urban inner-city of Los Angeles . We operate in the vast space of two residential buildings, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere for participants to interact and feel safe. Each area of our facility has a distinct purpose and we all pull together to try our best to reap the best benefits possible with what we have available. Some of our rooms include: computer lab, multipurpose room, tutoring labs, photographic lab, and large yard area for yoga and outdoor activities. We all do our best to make the Blazers a bright and colorful place to learn and develop skills and partnerships that will last a lifetime.


Founded in 1969, "The Blazers" began as a youth basketball program providing basketball instruction, academic tutoring, and mentoring for ten young men from West and Central Los Angeles . From its modest beginnings in a local park, "The Blazers" evolved into a league of six teams with seventy members-boys and girls, age's 7-to-17-who competed across the country and won national titles. In 1994, the program expanded its vision to include an after school program and opened "The Blazers Safe Haven" for learning.

Program Highlights:

Program Highlights

Educational Support and Intervention:
We provide academic support and enrichment programs and activities for youth and their families.

Leadership Development:
We provide students, particularly High School Students with real world support and skills to assist with their continued growth and preparation for young adulthood.

Environmental Awareness and Advocacy:
We develop an urban model designed to provide affordable access to nutritious food choices and support the healthy and environmentally friendly community lifestyle while educating the community about environmental protection and advocacy.

Community Information Technology Center :
We address the lack of access to current technologies, lack of technical and informational literacy and increase home based ownership of technology locally, nationally and internationally.

Economic Empowerment:
We assist with the need to integrate human development with community development. Community development will assist with the advancement of social and economic justice combined with grass roots organizing to build power and make change.

Healthy Lifestyles:
We facilitate community-driven changes to address poor nutrition, environment and policy. This includes raising nutritional awareness, increasing access to healthy foods and promoting healthy behaviors, safety and fitness.


Our participants take part in several activities that nurture social skills, enrich education, and encourage critical thinking. Participants in the after-school program take part in weekly photography classes, in which they learn to use their creativity to capture beautiful images, as well as developing them on their own; weekly yoga classes where they learn the benefits of stretching and good exercise, self-discipline and mental focus; computer classes for sharpening technological skills, as well as typing efficiency and word processing; with weekly gardening, the children learn to cultivate fruits and vegetables, and the importance of including them in the diet. These are just a few of the many activities that participants of the after-school program enjoy frequently.

Field Trip Destinations: <p><em>Past field trips include</em>: Dirt bike riding with Bike Club, UCLA annual Book Fair, Movie Night at USC Village, Hiking in the Malibu Mountains with Tree People, Water Safety program with Long Beach Aquatic Club, Museum of Tolerance, Exposition Park, Fishing with the LA Rod &amp; Reel Club and so much more</p>
Program Information:

Our mission is to improve community health by empowering individuals to promote and practice the healthy lifestyles and behaviors necessary to build positive proactive healthy communities.
The Blazers is dedicated to providing a Safe Haven where families develop and cultivate skills to:
-To Listen Actively
-To Think Positively
-To Speak Truthfully
-To Act Responsibly and Compassionately
- To be Valued Members of the Community

Slogan: "The Blazers: A Safe Haven for Learning"