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Basic Information

Address: 1200 Yarmouth Avenue Boulder, CO 80304
Phone Number: (303) 440-3647

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Boulder Quest Center
Boulder Quest Center
Boulder Quest Center
Boulder Quest Center

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Additional Information

Focus: Martial Arts, Meditation, Fitness
Director: Mary A. CAsey, II
Schools Served: Shining Mountain Waldorf School, Crestview, Boulder High, Fairview, Snow Lion Preschool, Jarrow Montessori, Journey School and other local Boulder schools
School District: Boulder Valley School District
County: Boulder
Schedule: 1pm to 8pm
Ages: 4-6, 7-14, 15 and up
Membership/Pricing: $85 to $185

Full service dojo with 1000 sq ft of mat, meditation room, and relaxing lobby with pro-shop. The dojo is located in Uptown Broadway and has nice shops and restaurants nearby.


Opened in 2005 by Sensei Mary Aitoshi and Sensei Kevin Keitoshi Casey. The dojo has been flourishing under their leadership and offers the best self defense curriculum in Colorado.

Program Highlights:

*Fully authorized school teaching Stephen K. Hayes' To-Shin Do (R).
*Black Belt Instructors with a teaching training track for interested students
*Classes 6 days per week, 8 or more classes per day
*Licensed instructors in classical weapons (sword, long staff, throwing stars, and chain)


To-Shin Do martial arts/self defense
Mighty Dragons
Cardio Kickboxing
Ninja Fit

Program Information:

To-Shin Do ® martial arts training leads to living life fully, fearlessly, and freely. Let us coach you in how to take command in the kinds of conflict that can surprise us in daily life.

Based on ancient protector disciplines handed down by noble Japanese samurai and ninja warrior families, our training offers a very modern approach to self-defense and building the kind of inner strength that makes life work well. Begin your adventure-based leadership development through martial arts training today.

Slogan: Unleash Your Potential!