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Basic Information

Address: The National Recreation and Park Association 22377 Belmont Ridge Road Ashburn, VA 20148
Phone Number: 571-210-5439

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Bricks 4 Kidz
Bricks 4 Kidz
Bricks 4 Kidz
Bricks 4 Kidz

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Additional Information

Focus: Bricks 4 Kidz classes provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children, where we learn, we build, we play… with LEGO® bricks.
Director: Robin R. Burke
Schools Served: Loudoun County
School District: Loudoun County
County: Loudoun
Schedule: All
Ages: 3-13
Capacity: 10-20
Membership/Pricing: $20-$30 per class

Our programs provide a safe, relaxed learning environment where initiative is invited and self-expression is celebrated. Model building provides opportunities for problem-solving and helps kids develop an appreciation for how things work. All this takes place while kids are having fun and socializing in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Program Highlights:

We offer activities for children ages 3-13+, including:
•After-school enrichment classes
•Week-long summer camps
•Birthday parties
•Preschool classes
•Kidz Night Out


Our one hour classes explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks. Students participate in 4 week sessions focused on exciting themes including Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings, and Natural Disasters.

Program Information:

Our programs provide an extraordinary atmosphere for students to build unique creations, play games, and have loads of fun using LEGO® bricks. The activities are designed to trigger young children's lively imaginations and build their self-confidence. GOALS •Introduce engineering and architecture principles •Explore math and science concepts •Increase general knowledge through discussions related to each model •Develop social/emotional skills such as patience, teamwork and communication in the process of completing a project •Enhance self-esteem by solving problems and completing projects •Improve fine-motor skills as children manipulate small components •Utilize multiple learning modalities to engage visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning styles •Teach important classroom skills such as organization and following directions •Foster an appreciation for how things work

Slogan: We Learn, We Build, We Play with… LEGO® Bricks.