Bricks 4 Kidz - Detroit - Hungtington Woods - Ferndale

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Basic Information

Address: 22681 Woodward Avenue, Suite 20098, Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone Number: (248) 742-5439

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Bricks 4 Kidz - Detroit - Hungtington Woods - Ferndale
Bricks 4 Kidz - Detroit - Hungtington Woods - Ferndale
Bricks 4 Kidz - Detroit - Hungtington Woods - Ferndale
Bricks 4 Kidz - Detroit - Hungtington Woods - Ferndale

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Additional Information

Focus: Benefits of the Bricks 4 Kidz program… -Reinforce math and science concepts -Develop an appreciation for how things work -Build self-confidence and problem solving skills -Foster teamwork -Trigger children’s lively imaginations -Provide a safe, enriching place to create and play
Director: Pamela-Denise Mack
Schools Served: We serve all public and private schools in Detroit, Ferndale, Berkley, Hungtinton Woods, Harper Woods, select schools in Harper Woods and Southfield.
School District: Detroit, Southfield, Ferndale, Berkley, Royal Oak, Harper Woods
County: Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb
Ages: 4-13
Capacity: Varies, based upon actvities
Membership/Pricing: Varies, based upon activities

Schools, Community Centers, Activity Centers, Recreational Centers, Museums, and other locations within our service areas. We are a mobile business and we bring all materials and instructors to your location.


The Bricks 4 Kidz® model was founded by Michelle Cote (a former architect) in St. Augustine, Florida. Michelle started an after-school Spanish Class (outside the school system). In the spring of 2008, while filling out the forms to become a “School Board Vendor” teaching Spanish, Michelle noticed a category (on the form) for “Creative Science.” Her son loves to play with LEGO® bricks, and she thought to herself, “Maybe I could lead a Creative Science LEGO® class too.” Michelle was awarded the bid for both the after-school Spanish and the Creative Science LEGO® class. That summer, 35 children signed up for the LEGO® camp!

After seeing the excitement over the LEGO® bricks, Michelle decided to go with the LEGO® after-school class in the fall and it took off. That fall, Michelle found herself at three different elementary schools with an average of 20 students in each class every week. Now Michelle does over 20 after-school enrichment classes a week, PLUS in-school field trips, 11 camps during the summer and bunches of birthday parties every weekend!

Today BRICKS 4 KIDZ® has over 300 franchises throughout the world making it one of the fastest growing franchises in the US and Canada.

Program Highlights:

After-school enrichment classes Field Trips Fundraising for PTO Special events (weddings, conferences, meetings) Week-long summer camps Holiday camps Scouting events (Cub/Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts) Birthday parties Preschool classes Kidz Night Out


In-school field trips, birthday parties, fundraisers, events, science school nights, math school nights, etc

Field Trip Destinations: We provide in-school field trips to schools, homeschool groups, community centers, recreational centers, and scout troops at your location.
Program Information:

We specialize in tailoring a program or event to meet the needs of your organization. DESCRIPTION: Bricks for Kidz® offers many different programs and events. We conduct, school programs, birthday Parties, Camps, and Field trips. No matter the program or event that we provide, in all cases it is hands-on learning, excitement and fun for the children. CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTIONAL CONTENT: Students will work using LEGO® bricks with an integrated curriculum based on math and science. Instructional content includes concepts of friction, gravity and torque, scale, gears, axles and beams. The material covered each session will vary depending on students' ages, experience, and skill level. All material will be provided. BENEFITS: Kids already know how to build with LEGO® bricks, but with a little coaching they can learn engineering, architecture and concepts of physics and mathematics using the plastic components. Students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students learn to follow step-by-step directions to complete a task. It is important not to rush through and miss a step. This is especially valuable for children with AD/HD and can help them develop the patience to follow step-by-step instructions in a classroom setting. The three-dimensional understanding needed to correctly build a model comes more quickly for some children than others, so it can be a valuable skill development for those who are less adept at visual processing andspatial awareness. Sequencing is an important skill in many learning processes. Completing a model with LEGO® bricks involves sequencing, and it is fun and motivating for the children. The skill gained can easily translate to other environments. Fine motor skills are developed as children pick up and assemble the many small bricks, axles, gears and bushings. Students will learn teamwork while learning fundamentals of engineering and architecture in a noncompetitive setting and understand that Architecture and Engineering are viable career choices And even more….

Slogan: We learn, we build, we play...with LEGO bricks