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Address: 1311 St James PL Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone Number: 734-719-0303

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Challenge Island-Michigan
Challenge Island-Michigan
Challenge Island-Michigan
Challenge Island-Michigan

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Focus: hands-on activities

Challenge Island

Director: Lori Stevens
Schools Served: Ann Arbor Public Schools, Dexter community Schools, Chelsea Community Schools, Saline public schools, Manchester schools, St Paul Lutheran, St Thomas Catholic School
School District: Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Manchester, Saline
County: Washtenaw
Ages: 6-14
Capacity: 30
Membership/Pricing: $12-$15 per class

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Challenge Island Founder and Creator, Sharon Duke Estroff M.A.T. is an award-winning educator with over two decades of teaching experience in Atlanta public and private schools. She is the author of the popular parenting book Can I Have a Cell Phone for Hanukkah? (Random House) and a feature parenting and education writer for numerous national publications including Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Parents Magazine, Scholastic Parent and Child, and Huffington Post.

Sharon created Challenge Island while on maternity leave with her fourth child. Maxed out on late-night reruns of a popular, realityTV show, she began wondering if the same basic principals (minus the voting off the island part) could become a means of motivating her students to take on complex higher level thinking tasks. She poured everything she’d learned about children into developing this idea, incorporating cutting edge research and educational thought. By the time her daughter graduated from 3 am feedings, Challenge Island was ready for primetime. It’s been growing by leaps and bounds ever since.

Now a decade later, thousands of children have experienced the magic and benefits of Challenge Island, as Sharon continues to develop fresh curriculum and content for this popular enrichment program.


After school classes, in-school field trips, camps, birthday parties

Field Trip Destinations: we do in-school field trips at your location
Program Information:
Challenge Island®, developed by parenting author, speaker and award-winning educator, Sharon Duke Estroff, provides unique challenge-based programs designed to foster critical and creative thinking skills, problem solving methodology, and core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) principles in children ages 3-13+. Its one-of-a-kind programming is endlessly fun and exciting while firmly grounded in cutting edge educational thought and national science, math, and language arts standards.

At the start of every Challenge Island class, camp day, field trip, or birthday party, tribes of children eagerly open their treasure chests to see the materials they may use to complete the challenge at hand. For example, at Shark Tooth Island's Blow Cart Beach, kids are tasked with building a wind-blown vehicle using only straws, paper cups, index cards, round candies, and duct tape. Tribes follow the steps of the CI totem pole as they work to perfect their designs. At the tribal drum's call, tribes bring their creations to the Challenge Island Race Track for the big showdown - or should we say BLOWdown. The final products are as individual as the children who design them and all kinds of successes are celebrated and recognized!

Slogan: Give Your Child the Challenge Island Advantage