Challenge Island Seattle

Basic Information

Address: 12008 32nd Dr. SE
Phone Number: 2064458513

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Challenge Island Seattle
Challenge Island Seattle
Challenge Island Seattle
Challenge Island Seattle

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Additional Information

Focus: Group learning using STEM principles - we offer a new challenge each week, tied to a thematic island. Islands provide topics of interest with curriculum to teach primary school aged children. Shark Tooth Island,for instance, brings together cool shark facts with STEM-based principles. Shark Fact: Australians use towers to watch for sharks on the swimming beaches because they swim very close to land there. STEM principle, TOWERS & FOUNDATIONS, challenge: build a tower with paper, tape, straws, and make it the tallest. Oh, and it has to hold a golfball on top for 30 seconds! Every challenge brings the teams closer to winning a prize at the end! Challenge Island is super fun!
Director: Tamara Gonzalez
School District: Lake Washington, Bothell, Everett,, Bellevue, Northshore, Seattle
County: Washington
Ages: K-6
Capacity: 206

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Challenge Island was created by Sharon Duke Estroff in Atlanta, GA. She is an award winning parenting author and educator. Her first island was so popular the school asked her to teach only that to all grades (where before she taught science and math to a single grade). She began sharing with other schools, and eventually was approached to franchise the idea. This was 14 years ago and the rest is history. Challenge Island is offered nationally in franchises, and has even grown to international sites! Everyone LOVES this program.

Program Highlights:

As children land on islands, they are put in teams. Teams are tied together by colorful island buffs and fun face paint and their own names. Then teams compete with the challenges, week to week. As competition grows, team work does as well. This is an exceptional approach to learning group process, STEM principles , and facts as relating to island themes. Islands include Shark Tooth, Amusement Park, Carnival, Volcano, Mythology, Time Travel and Hollywood. A new island comes to town each year!


A new challenge each week! Summer camps are not as focused on teaching information about the islands, but to have the children experience fun challenges tied to whimsical themes such as Wizardry Camp, Minion and Mind Craft Party Camp, Icky Sticky Me camp, and Star Games camp.

Field Trip Destinations: Challenge Island is a whimsical, wildly popular enrichment program that promotes creative and critical thinking skills in children. Loosely based on a well-known reality TV show, Challenge Island has kids dividing into cooperative tribes and taking on a vast array of exciting challenges set on action-packed thematic “islands”. Our innovative programming reinforces STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and core language arts skills (but let’s keep that last part under our hats, because as far as kids are concerned Challenge Island is just plain fun!). We bring our field trips to you!
Slogan: Out-think! Outsmart! Outplay!