East West International Black Belt Academy

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Basic Information

Address: 2301 E. Sunset Road, Suite 23, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Phone Number: 702-260-4552
Fax Number: 419-844-2096

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Additional Information

Focus: Teaching martial arts to adults and children ages 4-104
Director: Sigung Robert L. Jones, Ph.D.
Schools Served: Clark County School District
School District: Clark County
County: Clark
Schedule: Monday through Friday 10-10 / Saturday 9:00 to 5:00 / closed Sunday
Ages: 4-6 (Tiny Tigers) / 7-12 (Little Dragons) / 13-16 (Youth) / 16-65 (Adult Kenpo) / Tai Chi Chu'an
Capacity: 30 Students per class (Tiny Tigers 15)
Membership/Pricing: Membership pricing is based on length of committment.

East West International Black Belt Academy is located on the Southwest Corner of Sunset and Eastern in Las Vegas.


Our Kwoon (School) has been established since January of 1996. We are Las Vegas' oldest and most respected school of martial arts. Our Kwoon is the home of over 12 World Champions and and we are justly known as the Harvard of Martial Arts training. We achieve excellence with our students in academics, in competition, and in martial art skill.

Program Highlights:

Our system, Wu Shen Pai Chu'an Fa is the most comprehensive art available for study today! We teach the punching, striking, and explosive hand speed commonly found in Kenpo. In addition to this, we also teach pressure points, locks and restraints, ground fighting, and throwing. Weapons are also taught (40 sets with over 108 different types of weapons.)

Slogan: We teach Respect Everyday!