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Basic Information

Address: 1114 Backer St University City, MO 63130
Phone Number: 314-795-3803

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Freedom Arts & Education Center
Freedom Arts & Education Center
Freedom Arts & Education Center
Freedom Arts & Education Center

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Additional Information

Focus: arts education
Director: Andrew Gibson
Ages: 3-18

The mission of Freedom Arts & Education Center is to help young people become the highly creative, literate, passionate, independent thinkers they are capable of becoming. We provide arts education, academic tutoring, mentoring and leadership training to the underserved youth of our city. We aim to inspire youth to realize and utilize their God-given talents and worth.

Program Highlights:

Freedom Arts & Education Center specializes in providing instructors, facilities, and resources for mentoring and leadership training, arts education and expression, and academic tutoring. Education of the arts includes classes and private instruction in all styles and genres of music, dance, theater, visual arts, creative writing, cooking, and more. Tutoring and enrichment in math, reading, writing, history, and science is available, as well as mentoring, leadership training, and one-on-one guidance counseling.
Mobile Workshops
Our mobile workshops are interactive seminars that provide kids of all ages with unique learning opportunities in arts and academics. Our highly skilled mentors facilitate explorations in multiple disciplines in a fun, educational setting. These workshops can run as one-time, one-hour programs, or can be spread out over multiple visits for a more cumulative and thorough learning experience.


music, visual art, creative writing, dance, theater, reading, math, academics