Guard Up! Wizards & Warriors After School Program

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Basic Information

Address: 103 Terrace Hall Ave, Burlington MA 01803
Phone Number: (781) 270-4800

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Guard Up! Wizards & Warriors After School Program
Guard Up! Wizards & Warriors After School Program
Guard Up! Wizards & Warriors After School Program
Guard Up! Wizards & Warriors After School Program

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Additional Information

Focus: Just like computer games - but without the computers. Kids get "unplugged" and live the adventure!
Schools Served: Burlington, Lexington, Bedford and Billerica
School District: Burlington, Lexington, Bedford and Billerica
County: Middlesex
Schedule: Monday through Friday til 6pm and most scheduled school closings and half days
Ages: K-5

Guard Up Family Swordsmanship is located in Burlington, Massachusetts at 103 Terrace Hall Ave (near the Burlington Mall). Our program is fully licensed and inspected annually by the Massachusetts State Department. Our air-conditioned facility offers a quiet homework room, an expansive 7600 sq.ft training room, and gender-appropriate restrooms.

Program Information:

 The Guard Up! After School Program has designed its curriculum and methods based on 3 important questions:  Why, How and What


Our goal is to help children:

1)   Become well rounded and well balanced individuals

2)   Embrace learning as an exciting and lifelong endeavor

3)   Become self confident, responsible, and optimistic through creative play



We accomplish this by:

1)   “Unplugging” kids from the computer and motivating them to exercise and make friends in person

2)   Educating children in a manner that is exciting and imaginative… where exploration and possibilities are endless

3)   Providing an environment where a child’s actions have consequences and where their decisions can make a difference



We inspire your child by providing the following:

1)   A dynamic game filled with physical interaction and constant scenarios that require teamwork, communication and compromise

2)   Characters and creatures from real world mythology, literature and history which encourage kids to learn more in order to succeed at their quest

3)   An ongoing, interactive storyline in which children’s decisions change the direction and outcome of the story


Details:  Our After School Program is exciting, safe and fun for kids who love to play with foam swords or NERF Blasters, are fascinated by myth and history and have a passion for imagination and adventure.  Here are the Top 10 Reasons why parents choose us for their After School Program:

  1. Our programs aren’t just fun, they are educational.  In “Potion Making Class” kids learn about Chemistry.  Our scrolls and spells are in Latin – and our staff help the kids decipher them.  All of the monsters and creatures the kids interact with are from real world mythology, literature and history… encouraging children to learn about other cultures so that they can improve their interaction.
  2. Our Heroes only get to join the Adventure after their homework is done!  Talk about motivation… and our staff are available to provide assistance to those who need it.
  3. Our program is licensed by the state of Massachusetts and all of our staff are CPR and First Aid Certified and have passed intensive CORI/SORI background checks.
  4. We provide affordable full and half day coverage during scheduled school closings as well as Winter and Spring Break.  No more hunting around for sitters or other programs that fit your schedule.  Our program starts at just $24/day and that includes transportation.
  5. Our ongoing storyline never repeats… so kids stay interested in the program throughout the year.  Children work together and make new friends who share their interests and passion for creativity.
  6. Our Hero Van provides transportation from the school to our facility – and we always have at least 2 staff in the Van and on location.
  7. We offer pick up as late as 6pm!
  8. Our 7500 square foot facility is climate controlled (important for those hot June and September days)
  9. Our staff are highly trained in child care and in creating a safe, fun and educational environment for your children.
  10. Where else can your child be a hero on a daily basis?

Visit our Parents and Kids & Teens pages for more detailed information.  We also have a list of schools for which we provide After School Transportation.

If you are local to us, give us a call at 781-270-4800.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Guard Up! Team