Basic Information

Address: 201 S Washington St, Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone Number: 480-821-4207
Fax Number: 480-821-6742

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Focus: Positive Programs for Chandler's Youth
Director: Shelby Pedersen
Schools Served: ALL
School District: ALL
County: ALL
Schedule: 3pm-6pm
Ages: 5-18
Membership/Pricing: Free

ICAN provides researched based programs for Chandler's youth. ICAN provides free, comprehensive out-of-school-time programs that empower youth to be productive, self-confident and responsible citizens.


Our programs are developed specifically to help the kids and families in our community. Their challenges, their goals and their unique needs. Risk factors facing our community include substance abuse, delinquent behaviors and family structure challenges. ICAN understands the community’s immediate needs and has created research-based programs designed to reduce the risks that most greatly influence daily lives. Our programs are free. Our staff are competently qualified. Our facility secure. Our activities focus on prevention, healthy lifestyles, education, youth development and job skills.

Field Trip Destinations: We are involved with many activities including the Winterclassic with the Diamondbacks!