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Address: 5107 N. 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone Number: (602) 274-4441
Fax Number: (602) 274-4446

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Interlingua, LLC
Interlingua, LLC
Interlingua, LLC
Interlingua, LLC

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Additional Information

Focus: Spahish lessons
Director: Yolima Otalora
Schools Served: Glendale High School District (Managers/Teachers) Judson School in Arizona El Dorado Private School Ball Charter Schools (Moon Valley, Dobson, Chandler) Academy of Excellence (Charter School) Victory High School West Wind Academy Christ Lutheran School Christ's Greenfield Lutheran School Shepherd of the Desert Valley Lutheran North Point Academy School (NPA) Our Lady of Mount Carmel Pardes Jewish Day School Pinnacle Point Academy Pointe Educational Services Skyline West High School Technical HS St. Francis Xavier Elementary Benchmark School Khalsa Montessori Elementary Tri-City Jewish Community Center Washington Elementary School District Montessori Kingdom of Learning Carden Traditional School of Surprise Cross of Christ Christian School Faith North Montessori School Villa Montessori
County: Maricopa
Schedule: Flexible schedules
Ages: All ages
Capacity: groups of minimum 6 and maximum 12
Membership/Pricing: The price per semester is $ 300.00 dollars per student twice a week or $ 180.00 dollars once a week, with a monthly payment option. All materials included.

Recognizing the fact that today’s society and economy are becoming more sensitive to multicultural differences and the need to communicate in other languages, the nature of this business and its growing necessity guarantees our success. INTERLINGUA offers solutions to the problems companies are facing when targeting multilingual and multicultural markets.
Since July 1997, INTERLINGUA has taught Spanish with success using a highly effective method based on study, investigation and practice of the process of acquisition of human language.
The simplicity of the program, the human and academic quality of our instructors, the teaching methodology, the dynamic interchanges of experiences in the classroom and the didactic materials, guarantee that most of our students will learn Spanish quickly and easily.
INTERLINGUA is growing quickly thanks to the hard work of our teachers and staff, clear goals, and the great support of our clients. More than 85% of our business is referral-based. Instead of diversifying the service that we offer, we have expanded and diversified the client base. Today, we provide our Spanish program to children, adults, private and charter schools, public and private organizations and companies.
The results have placed INTERLINGUA as Arizona’s leader in Spanish language acquisition and retention. This is due to the fact that Interlingua recruits teachers from Latin America. Teachers that have grown up in a Latin American culture are able to impart teaching methods from a time in which all speakers learn to acquire their first language from the very beginning. Our instructors possess very strong educational backgrounds and credentials.


•Music helps pronunciation and listening skills
•Action movements reinforce vocabulary.
•Visuals aid vocabulary through association.

Program Information:

Language helps children understand their world.  Learning Spanish expands that understanding, gives them a new language and a new dimension in exploring the world around them.

For toddlers to kindergartners we’ve added Tic-Talk Spanish to our program.  There’s also a full course of study for grades one through 12.

For each, it’s a total immersion program – and it’s fun!

Every course is carefully planned, so new words and expressions are added gradually.  Words and phrases that are familiar are repeated, helping children build a large vocabulary.   We put a lot of emphasis on understanding and speaking, using games, music and visuals.

The idea is to imitate growing up with the Spanish language.  Our classes use familiar routines like story time, art class, play time and music.


Slogan: We teach language…we build community