Kanka Academy of Kyokushin Karate

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Basic Information

Address: 5157 GAll Blvd. Zephyrhills Florida 33541
Phone Number: 813-779-9756
Fax Number: same

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Kanka Academy of Kyokushin Karate
Kanka Academy of Kyokushin Karate
Kanka Academy of Kyokushin Karate
Kanka Academy of Kyokushin Karate

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Additional Information

Focus: The developement of a strong mind and healthy body and homble character through authentic Kyokushin training.
Director: Sensei Kenneth Hicks (SanDan)
Schools Served: West Elementary, Chester Taylor Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Raymond B. Middle School, Zephyrhills Highschool, Heritage Academy.
School District: Zephyrhills
County: Pasco
Schedule: Morning Drop off: 7:15am - Lastest pickup: 6:30pm
Ages: 6 - 15
Capacity: 35
Membership/Pricing: (1) Summer Camp-$75.00 (2) Before/After School-$70.00 wkly. (3)After School-$60.00 wkly. Discounted rates for additional family members.

The Kanka Academy of Kyokushin Karate is an authentic and traditional Kyokushin Karate training facility. Boys and Girls locker rooms are provided to all students to keep their traing uniforms and personal hygene items in. Large recreation and training area for the students to excercise and play.
The Academy is located at the corner of US301 and HWY54 in Zephyrhills Florida.


The Academy was established in 1999 by Sensei Ken Hicks and the International Karate Organization of the Kyokushin KaiKan out of Tokyo Japan, through the Manhatten New York head quarters and has been running strong and providing men and women of all ages a safe and reliable facility to train Kyokushin Karate.

Program Highlights:

The Academy focuses on providing a safe place for children to learn the importance of mental, physical and spiritual dissapline through authentic Japanes Kyokushin Karate training. Social skils through interaction with others. Humility and respect for oneself and others.


Karate Classes every Monday through Friday.
Park Activities
Movie Trips

Field Trip Destinations: Ft. Desoto Beach, St. Petersburg.
Slogan: All Karate begins and ends with respect.