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Address: Chino Hills KidsArt Studio 2587 Chino Hills Parkway, Suite H Chino Hills, CA 91709
Phone Number: (909)606-0428
Fax Number: (909)606-0568

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Additional Information

Focus: Fine Art Drawing & Painting Classes, Clay Sculpture Classes, Specialized Workshops


Director: Sher Warren
Schools Served: Classes are held at our studio location
School District: Classes are held at our studio location
County: Los Angeles
Schedule: Tuesday-Friday afternoon & evening; Saturday morning & afternoon
Ages: 4 years through adults
Capacity: 12 students per class with two teachers
Membership/Pricing: $89.00/month for 4-5 one hour classes + materials; $126.00/month for 4-5 one & half hour classes

KidsArt Studio - an artist studio completely equipped: easels, drawing benches, all art materials, still-life materials, curriculum for all ages


KidsArt has been teaching students of all ages for twenty-three years. Sixteen KidsArt studios and the KidsArt School Enrichment program (drawing enrichment classes in public & private schools) have inspired thousands of students. Many KidsArt students have gone on to successful artistic careers,including teaching. Many of our students come back after finishing college and art school to teach for KidsArt.
Our curriculum has been developed by the KidsArt Founder and Art Director, Ed Warren, who has taught art for over forty years to children, teens and adults. Mr. Warren developed the KidsArt program so that every student would be taught individually according to his/her level of skill and line of interest in conjunction with the KidsArt curriculum. After many years of teaching students of all ages, KidsArt has developed a program that teaches mastery of basic skills so that students of any age will be a more competent artist after taking classes with us over a period of time. KidsArt's philosophy is that creativity follows mastery, and that art is a learned subject just like cooking, reading or math. The KidsArt program keeps students from feeling frustration or boredom, as each student works at his/her own level, and moves forward based on individual ability and rate of learning. All kidsArt teachers are highly trained artists who share their love of art in an inspirational and fun environment.

Program Highlights:

Year-round classes teach classical, realistic drawing & painting with instruction in the use of mediums such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils & guache. Still-life, figure & portraiture, realistic animals, seascapes, landscapes, etc. are taught. Annual art shows are held for displaying KidsArt students' work. Seasonal, specialized workshops are also taught, such as Clay Sculpture, Cartooning & Anime, Animation, Palette of Art, Cartoon Paper Sculpture, etc.

Support Services:



Parents pay by the month, for three months, six months or twelve months at a time (discounts are given for extended registration). Most students attend classes once a week, however, students are welcome to attend more frequently.

Field Trip Destinations: None, however, parents are given information about local art shows at museums and galleries, so they can take advantage of artistic activities in the community with their children.
Program Information:

After teaching tens of thousands of students over the last more than two decades, KidsArt has shown that we can teach any student (who has the desire to learn) to draw and paint competently.  The root of the word "talent" means "inclination of mind," thus students who want to learn need only bring their "interest, " and we will supply inspiration and quality instruction.  After months with KidsArt, students and their families are constantly amazed at their capabilities, and that it is really fun to learn to draw and paint! 

Through a step-by-step method, students are taught the basic drawing and painting skills which result in art work that is realistic and attractive.  KidsArt students learn how to see in a new way.  They are shown that what may be difficult to draw at first glance is really simple once they learn how to see it piece by piece.  KidsArt teaches students how to measure with the eye, how to break something into its parts, and put it back together again to make a whole picture. Starting with simpler two-dimensional work, students then progress to adding tone and color values to create three-dimensionality.  Just as the great Masters first built a strong foundation of classical drawing and painting skills, so do KidsArt students.  Instruction, coupled with practice, practice, practice will bring about an independent and confident artist.  Students in our program gain patience, the ability to focus, and pride and confidence in their work.