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Basic Information

Address: 114 Battleship Road Camden, South Carolina 29020
Phone Number: 803-432-7714
Fax Number: 803-432-7747

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Additional Information

Focus: Academic Enrichment & Creative Arts
Director: Wanda Hooper
Schools Served: All Kershaw County Schools
School District: Kershaw County
County: Kershaw
Schedule: M-F; 2:30-6:30pm
Ages: 6-18 years
Capacity: 100+
Membership/Pricing: Varies by program package; All registration $50 & sibling discounts. Special promotions for August-October 2011

Group by class: 1st-3rd; 4th-5th; 6th-8th; 9th-12th. KCAC afterschool program provides opportunities where youth can benefit from engaging in the arts in a safe and creative environment with caring professionals and allowing them to participate in artistic activities that connect each child to his/her school, family and community. At KCAC everyone is an Achiever.


KCAC program is designed to dramatically increase a child's reasoning skills, the same skills used in Math and Science. We are committed to building excellence in the lives of our young people by offering artistic activities that develop values, skills and positive relationships. In addition this program has proven to increase academic performance in certain areas by awakening the child's creativity and imagination, inspiring them to learn more and to also become a positive role model within the community.

Program Highlights:

Preparation towards future self-sufficiency, Gang Violence Prevention, Anger Management, Leadership Development, Sexual Health Education-based on Pregnancy Prevention & Sexually Transmitted Disease Awarness, Drug Abuse Prevention, Mentoring, Health & Fitness, Academic Leadership, Connecting Children to Parents, and most important Parental Involvement.

Support Services:

Student Support, Parent Meeting, Family Connections, Agency Referrals etc. . .


Homework assistance, Tutoring/Private Tutoring; Dance: Modern Jazz, Hip Hop, Mime, Ballet, Lyrical Dance, Sign Art, Step. Etiquette Programs which consists of Business, Leadership, Mannerism and Mentoring. Visual Arts: Arts, Photography, Sewing, Modeling, Taekwondo. Music: Choir, Guitar, Positive Rap, Violin, Vocal Training, Keyboard. Blacklight, Clowning, Drama, Puppetry. Computer Training, Creative Writings. Life Skills Program, Sexual Health Education, Physical Fitness, Game, Summer Camp and more. . . .

Field Trip Destinations: TBA
Program Information:

We believe that every student is special and has unique abilities and positive contributions to make, and that every experience can be a positive learning experience. Also knowing that each student is responsible for their own actions and achievements, therefore as they learn commitment, persistence and dedication it will lead them to success as they pursue their goals and dreams, through the assistance of KCAC, and those involved with the success of each student.

Year round "Open Enrollment". Coming is our "Summer Camp" for 2012. Registration for summer camp TBA (to be announced). 

Slogan: Our Motto: "Bring us a child and we will build a future".