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Basic Information

Address: 91 C. Michael Davenport Blvd Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone Number: 502-227-7028
Fax Number: 502-227-7030

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Additional Information

Focus: Youth In Government, Service Learning, Civic Engagement
Director: Ben Reno-Weber
School District: Statewide
County: Statewide
Schedule: Year-Round Programing
Ages: Middle and High School
Membership/Pricing: Varies by program
Program Highlights:

The KY YMCA Youth Association develops engaged citizens and servant leaders, inspired to affect change in their school, community, Commonwealth, nation, and world. Through experiential learning, service, and community activism, the KY YMCA Youth Association fosters critical thinking, leadership, and social responsibility in teens.


KYA, KUNA, LTC, Go For It, Y-Corps, CONA

Program Information:


Student YMCA- School-based service organizations that promote a sense of Civic Duty and Social Responsibility. Student Y is the platform for all the programs offered by the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. It is the common thread between Youth in Government, Values Conferences, and Service Learning. Together, these programs prepare teens to be informed citizens who will be active and effective participants in their communities.

Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA)- a three-day hands –on experience of Kentucky’s state government. KYA is a student-led conference in which teens experience first-hand what it’s like to debate a bill in the Capitol chambers, run for state office, or argue a case in the State Supreme Court.

Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA)- a three-day experience in diplomacy that encourages understanding and appreciation for our global community. Students confront international issues and offer solutions, celebrate cultural diversity, and increase their sense of humanity through role-play as they represent member nations of the UN.

KY YMCA Values Conferences- three or four day inspirational and motivational experiences that gives today's teens innovative opportunities to develop their character and self worth, share the thrill of empowerment, and strengthen the art of communication with their peers. We will help your teen learn to face daily challenges by creating an open atmosphere for personal growth. Teens will explore and clarify values, goals and dreams through large and small group interaction. Students have the opportunity to reflect on the school year to date, share their perspectives with their peers in a relaxed environment, and chart options for their futures. Such activities instill a sense of ownership among them and help them better meet the challenges that face them daily. Teens from across the Commonwealth will come together to share in a weekend of personal growth.

Y-CORPS is a service-learning program for teens who are ready to make a difference in their communities. The program is grounded on the building blocks of leadership development, civic engagement, service learning, and cultural awareness. Y-CORPS works in diverse communities and allows teens to use their talents, develop new skills, and learn more about themselves and their surroundings. Most importantly, young people in Y-CORPS are recognized as valuable resources who work hand-in-hand with others to address important issues. Through presentations, fundraising, travel, teamwork, community service, self-discovery, group sharing, and spiritual renewal, we nurture the desire these young people have to extend our mission into communities throughout our beautiful state.

CONA- national Youth in Government program- Kentucky’s best leaders are invited to debate national issues among a group of their peers from across the US.