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Basic Information

Address: 4760 Broadway Gary, IN 46408
Phone Number: 219-884-2770

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LiveArts Studio
LiveArts Studio
LiveArts Studio
LiveArts Studio

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Additional Information

Focus: Art education, youth, Visual Art
Director: Desire'e Simpson
Schools Served: Public schools, Charter schools, private schools, Faith school, Home schools in Indiana and Illinois
County: Lake
Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm: Saturday 8:30am-12:00pm: Other times by appointment
Ages: 3 to adult
Capacity: 15 students per class (ideal)
Membership/Pricing: Classes begin at $25 p/3 wk session

LiveArts Studio offers participants a warm, fun, and inspiring space to create. The space is well lit so that artists can create without lighting hassles. In addition, we are very flexible with our space in that we can change it around to accommodate various projects and groups.


LiveArts Studio was founded in 2002 as an organization to richly expose individuals to art, design and the business of the arts industry, and also to teach art as a way of helping meet some unmet need.

The inspiration for LiveArts Studio came as a result of founder, Dr. Desire'e Simpson’s humanitarian experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer while serving in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. There she worked with artisans as a designer in the Small Entrepreneur Development Program. She assisted artisans with their products; design development, exporting, marketing, etc. She saw how such a program was successful in assisting artisans in a developing country become economically self-sufficient, and how, though economically marginalized, artisans with micro enterprises were able to contribute to the local and national economy. She felt that a similar such program could be as beneficial to individuals in the United States, providing opportunities for them to use their creative voice to contribute to the economy through their artistic talent. She incorporated her educational training in interior architecture and design and fine arts and education as tools of social change, developing LiveArts Studio as a cultural art, education and entrepreneurial institution.

Program Highlights:

LiveArts Studio offers a variety of art programming and classes many of which are availble throughout the year. They include:
ArtXplore: AfterSchool art for youth ages 8 to 18 yrs.
SEA Me Create: Saturday art for children 8 to 18 yrs.
Children's Art Studio: Art for very young learners ages 3 to 7 yrs.
ArtsCamp: Summer art ages 5 to 16 yrs.
Art Events: Events and Art parties for all ages
Studio-A: In-school art programming to schools, home schools and other agencies

Programming is offered at our studio location or off-site.

Support Services:

Our support services include:
Art teacher counseling and coaching
Art therapy
Portfolio preparation
Art clinics and workshops
International art exchange
Services to students in alternative learning environments


Community art
Studio art
Private art events

Program Information:

At LiveArts Studio we are all about developing the creative potential and artistic skill of learners. Whether art is used as a means of realizing one's personal interests or is being delivered to schools, or education providers in traditional and non-traditional settings, LiveArts Studio provides services in these areas. We offer full year, part year, weekend or special project programming to suit a variety of needs.

Becuase we have programs and workshops, we provide diverse options with lots of flexibility. We seek to tailor programming to suit the interests of the entity. Therefore, the length, number of weeks or days can vary. Our program options include:

  1. Art Appreciation: grades 6-12
  2. Art History: grades 9-12
  3. Artists-in-Residence Project: grades 4-12
  4. Art Gallery Tour: grades 6-12
  5. Children's Art Studio: grades K-3
  6. Multiart: Grades 3-12

Moreover, we also offer thermatic units. They include: Exploring Identity, Exploring Community, Exploring Nature, Explroring Community, Exploring Travel. These workshops focus on the respective themes guiding interesting art-making experiences with emphases on specific content. We are able to tailor workshops to suit your interests as well.

Slogan: . . . .where the arts come alive!!!