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Address: P.O. Box 1804 Chesapeake, VA 23327
Phone Number: 757-453-3884

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We are a small organization of martial artists (Masters, Gurus, Sifus, Grandmasters, etc.). It is our intent to introduce and promote quality martial arts instructors throughout the World.

Each instructor have trained or taught martial arts at least 15+ years. We consult with individuals, firms, private and non-private organizations. We promote citizenship through fitness, self-awareness and 21st Century Martial Arts. We are available for seminars, clinics and consulting in the development of bullying and self-esteem programs. We are able to provide professional training in both, verbal and physical de-escalation techniques.

The founder of, Pedro Bennett, is an ex-police officer. He has been an educator for approximately 20 years and a martial artist for 30 years.

We developing strategic planning as it relates to violence, security, bullying, fitness and self-esteem programs, please consider contacting

The Art of Educating through Self-Awarenesss is to be Conscious of the Now.
~ Pedro Bennett