Minerva Area YMCA Child Care

Basic Information

Address: 620 East Line St., Minerva, Ohio 44657
Phone Number: 330-868-0901
Fax Number: 330-8678-6717

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Additional Information

Focus: Meeting the Ohio Content Standards while having fun afterschool.
Director: Beth Holderbaum
Schools Served: Minerva Local School, Malvern Schools and Carrollton Exempted Schools
School District: Minerva Local
County: Stark
Schedule: Monday - Friday- 6am-6pm
Ages: 5- 11 yrs.old
Capacity: 68
Membership/Pricing: 5 days- after school -$44.00

Located at Great Trail Community Church of God. Are gym time in the Family Life Center, located on the same property.


This program has been here for five years and May of 2008, we merged our preschool child care at the same location. The Minerva Area YMCA Chidl Care was established in early 1980's, with only 8 chidlren after school and has grew every year since then. In 1990, we started a K-Care program for Kinder garten children that didn't have school all day. Our enrollment at present time is 10 preschoolers and 49 schoolagers.

Program Highlights:

We are an all year program and are here on snow days and special in-service teacher days. Our summer program is great for keeping children busy while parents work in the summer.

Support Services:

Minerva Local Schools and SPARK Program for preschoolers.


Homework, physical activities, free play, healthy snack, creative arts are just alittle part of our curriculum.

Field Trip Destinations: Only in the summer we plan field trip with our theme weeks. Preschoolers walk to the Minerva Public Library every Friday and if weather is aproblem, the librarian comes to our center for the chidlren.