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Basic Information

Address: Lamberts Point Community Center, 1251 W. 42nd Street, Norfolk, Va. 23508
Phone Number: 757.575-4424

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NICE Chess
NICE Chess
NICE Chess
NICE Chess

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Additional Information

Focus: Chess with mentoring to improve critical thinking. Formerly known as Hip-Hop Chess.

Norfolk Public Schools

Director: Lisa Suhay
Schools Served: All Norfolk Public Schools k-12.
School District: Norfolk
Schedule: Wed. 4-6 p.m.
Ages: 5-18
Capacity: 300
Membership/Pricing: FREE

Bright, spacious new community center.


This program has run for the past four years. Originally knows as Hip-Hop Chess, this program has grown and gained momentum and the sponsorship of the public schools, local universities and the American Association of University Women. The Virginian-Pilot Newspaper is one of our prime resources for mentors and support. We also go into schools and help give teachers strategies for using chess in the classroom is a delivery system for information. Chess is the platform taking children to higher education and improved standardized test scores.

Program Highlights:

Music, chess and mentoring by police, students, teachers and members of the community. Free tournaments with scholarship and other prizes. No fees and no memberships are required. This is to make chess inclusive and accessible to all ages, races, religions and financial situations.


Chess play and good talk

Slogan: Every Pawn is a Baby Queen