Noah's Ark Animal Workshop

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Basic Information

Address: 9020 Green Oaks Circle Dallas, Texas 75243
Phone Number: 469-438-8899

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Focus: Using hands to stuff animals:Build Your Own Stuffed Animal
Director: Laurie Stein
Schools Served: preschools, Sunday schools, Religious schools, YMCA schools, Head Starts, elementary schools, private schools, high schools
School District: Richardson, Plano, Dallas, and surrounding areas
County: Dallas and sourrounding areas
Schedule: flexible
Ages: 3-adult
Capacity: groups
Membership/Pricing: varies

We come to you!

Program Highlights:

We bring all of the animal skins and materials, and children hand stuff the animals to build their very own plush friend. Each child wishes on their own rainbow star, creates a birth certificate for their new animal, and gets a medallion for a job well done. Every child gets a take home bag to put their animal "Night, Night" in.

Field Trip Destinations: On-Site Field Trip.
Slogan: We bring the Stuff-n-Fluff to You!