Over Comers By The Blood Inc

Basic Information

Address: 1602 Crystal Lane Greensboro, NC 27403
Phone Number: 336-988-9209

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Focus: Teen Girls ages 15-19
Director: Brianna Headen
Schools Served: All surrounding area
School District: All surrounding area
County: Guilford
Schedule: Saturdays at 12
Ages: 15-19
Capacity: 30
Membership/Pricing: Free



Over Comers By The Blood ministry was started when God laid it on the heart of Minister Brianna Headen to begin to take at risk teen girls under her wings and show them a different side of life out side of a broken home, abuse, drugs, gangs, sex, and violence. She started inside a group home and now has expanded it to the surrounding areas Greensboro, North Carolina.

Program Highlights:

We discuss pressing issues and how to over come them by the blood of the lamb such as sex, preer pressure, relationships, abuse, self esteem, prayer, and generational curses.

Support Services:

Mentorship, spiritual guidance, writing workshops, assistance with college choices, applications, optaining finacial resources to attend college, and referals to outside resources.


Praise Dance Team, Praise Team, Step Team, writing workshops, teen summit, conferences, and much more.

Field Trip Destinations: Carowinds, Beach, Mountains, Texas, different colleges, and anything that may come up as an intrest to group.
Program Information:

We are a ministry that assist teen girls to over come obstecals set up by the enemy to keep them in bondage to the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. We believe in and teach how to put the flesh in subjection and walk in the spirit so that by the power of the Blood shed by Jesus Christ upon the cross we can walk in authority over the enemy. We believe in coming as you are and allowing God to do the cleaning and allowing his will to be done in the life of every teen girl that comes into the ministry. We are a ministry that does not cast stones for we have sat in the seat of many young girl that crosses our path. Our deepest desire is for every teen girl is that they come into the knowledge of Jesus and knowing their true identity that lies with in them.  









Slogan: Revelation 12:11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony"