PA Isshinryu Karate and Self Defense

Basic Information

Address: 2493 Milford Rd
Phone Number: 5704848500

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Director: Christopher Barone
Schools Served: Middle Smithfield, Smithfield, JTL, East Stroudsburg Elementary
School District: East Stroudsburg
County: Pennsylvania
Schedule: Monday through Friday until 6PM
Ages: 5-12
Capacity: 20
Membership/Pricing: Full and part time

Karate, Exercise classes, craft time

Program Information:

We pick up your child at school, bring them back to our dedicated classroom, let them enjoy their snack and then have them complete their daily after school work and reuirements from school. After work is complete, we offer our kids karate lessons and exercise classes. There is even time for them to relax while they wait to be picked up by their parents. It is a comfortable and safe way to enjoy after school.