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Address: 26/28 Highland Ave , Roxbury , MA 02119
Phone Number: (617) 445-6969
Fax Number: (617) 445-6968

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Paige Academy
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Paige Academy

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Additional Information

Focus: Hands on Learning
Director: Angela P. Cook
School District: Greater Boston
County: Suffolk
Schedule: 7:00am-9:00am & 3:00pm-6:00pm
Ages: 5-12
Capacity: 25 - 30
Membership/Pricing: $21.60 per day

Paige Academy 's early childhood program incorporates high-quality child care, beginning in infancy with a pre-school and elementary school program built around a philosophy of education that respects and rewards the cultural diversity that has evolved over the 33 years of its existence. Classrooms are organized to support a problem-solving approach to learning, with extensive reliance on the arts as a natural form of expression and exploration. " A Place of Learning and Excellence"


In 1972 Angela Paige Cook, Joe Cook and six other Boston residents established Paige Academy, Inc. as an independent, non-profit alternate education institution. The agency was created to provide young children in the Greater Roxbury community with an education that engaged them in a creative, nurturing, culturally enriching and self-affirming manner. Today, Paige Academy 's Roxbury campus includes two buildings and two playgrounds surrounded by beautiful gardens. Paige Academy currently serves a socio-economically and ethnically diverse population of approximately 130 children and families each year and is expanding to serve 200 children this year.

Program Highlights:

Paige Academy is a non-profit, alternative educational institution that offers a comprehensive, cultural and developmental based curriculum of arts, sciences, humanities and technology for children from infancy to 12 years old


Individual Homework assistance in all subjects including, Math, Science, Social Studies and English; African drumming classes; Art lessons; Healthy snacks; Access to state of the art Timothy Smith computer Laboratory; Safe, family oriented environment

Program Information:

Paige Academy 's educational philosophy, lifestyle and campus culture provide a self-affirming environment that fosters academic excellence and individual worth as well as collective responsibility. This African-American philosophy promotes the following seven principles unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Paige is committed to providing an art-based and project-centered education that involves the whole family in an "urban village" community of cultural reaffirmation and ethnic understanding. Paige Academy embraces the concept that a diverse student body enhances the quality of the academic and cultural experience.

As a result of this academic focus, our children are sought out by prestigious high schools and colleges in Massachusetts . For this reason, Paige Academy is able to provide our students with educational opportunities they may not otherwise have access to due to economic limitations and cultural misunderstanding. Our graduates are known for their self-confidence, self-determination, and the critical thinking skills they have developed from hands-on learning in math, science and language arts.

Paige Academy seeks to restore all that is positive in the concept of a village, to rebuild broken relationships, and to remove barriers between adults and children (students) and between home and school. The village shares the responsibility for the actions of each member. The responsibility for the education and well being of the child lies with the family, school and community-mentor, protector, peer, and employer-in accordance with the role that is designated to that person(s).