Plants and Bugs Camp

Basic Information

Address: 3425 W Virginia Ave, Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone Number: 405-744-5755
Fax Number: 405-744-9709

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Plants and Bugs Camp
Plants and Bugs Camp
Plants and Bugs Camp
Plants and Bugs Camp

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Additional Information

Focus: plants and bugs

OSU Horticulture, OSU Entomology

Director: Shelley Mitchell
Schools Served: Payne County and surrounding counties
School District: Stillwater, Perkins-Tryon, Glencoe, Cushing, Yale, Ripley, Morrison, Perry, Mulhall-Orlando
County: Payne
Schedule: one week in the summer
Ages: 9-12
Capacity: 13
Membership/Pricing: $200 for the full week

natural areas in Oklahoma and the Insect Adventure on the OSU campus


Since 2011, Plants and Bugs Camp has been held for one week in July at OSU in Stillwater, OK.

Program Highlights:

all-day program, indoor and outdoor nature activities, crafts, field trips, science experiments


bug collecting, termite NASCAR, maggot art, owl pellet dissecting, nature games and simulations, field trips

Field Trip Destinations: local koi farm, local botanic garden and arboretum, Linnaeus Gardens in Tulsa, local cut flower farm, Boy Scout ranch in Cleveland, OK
Program Information:

Plants and Bugs Camp uses Junior Master Gardener curricula, Junior Plant Scientist explorations, and other horticulture-related curricula to teach children the basics of plant needs, plant identification, and plant uses. We also do "bug" related activities to teach entomology basics. The two leaders are faculty at OSU with a love for teaching youth about science and nature.

Slogan: Growing Good Kids