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Basic Information

Address: 6298 Adobe Rd (mailing: PO Box 1196) Twentynine Palms CA 92277
Phone Number: 760-221-0733 info line only

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Additional Information

Focus: Traditional Martial Arts from around the World
Director: Programs Director ~ Kristina Carter / National Director GM CE Carter DMS
Schools Served: Twentynine Ele Palm Vista Oasis Ele Condor Ele TPJHS TPHS Monument High Copper Mountain College CAVA
School District: Morongo Basin
County: San Bernardino
Schedule: Mon through Thursday 4:30pm to 7:00pm
Ages: 6 & up
Capacity: 16 per class
Membership/Pricing: $60.00 per month for Military/autobilling...Standard price $75.00 per month

8:1 student/ instructor setting training in a number of traditional martial arts. Competition is encouraged for experience. Not-for-profit (Non-profit) Educational Organization


PFMA has served the Morongo base (Twentynine Palms) for over 10 years with students being on school honor roll as well as becoming National Champions in Martial Arts

Program Information:

Who and what is "Pure Force" martial arts.  Here at PFMA we pride ourselves on always keeping and open mind to each and every style we come across. Also the staff is continually researching history and theory of martial arts from every corner of the globe to fully understand the larger picture of combative arts.  We then apply the science of Physics and Kinesiology from a logical view point to the application of Martial Arts Techniques to develop a greater understanding and in turn a greater result.  Our name is simple it comes from understanding human body motion to apply the law of force to each and every skill set we use.  In short understanding how mass times acceleration equals force develop by the human body alone is PURE FORCE.  In addition we here at PFMA are a non-profit volunteer only dojo.  No members of the staff are ever paid and all money taken in is used to keep our doors open, prices down and equipment for the students.  We have been "Doing Business as Non-Profit" for 10 years now and are in process to get our full 501c3 or c7 status.  We will continue to keep our prices as low as possible along with providing 4 scholarships each year and holding free youth safety clinics for the local community.  We are also on the for front and cutting edge of education.  Pure Force Martial Arts has a fully functioning Academic Department / Programs developing a full private school program for high school aged students, continuing to expand our "Post-Secondary" programs in our Martial Science University and the further development of specialized health & fitness certifications for martial arts instructors.  Competitive training, educational programs and personal development are what sets Pure Force apart from any other Dojo, College, School, Club or Organization. Everyone at Pure Force is a student passionate about learning and sharing the martial arts.