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Basic Information

Address: 8905 Jefferson Highway River Ridge, LA 70123
Phone Number: 504-913-9922
Fax Number: none

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Red Dragon Dojo
Red Dragon Dojo
Red Dragon Dojo
Red Dragon Dojo

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Additional Information

Focus: Martial Arts and Self-Defense
Director: Christopher DiNatale
Schools Served: Lusher Charter School Audubon Montessorri Elementary School
School District: Orleans Parish School District
County: Orleans
Schedule: 4 PM - 5 PM Monday thru Thursday
Ages: 4 thru 13
Capacity: 8 to 10 students per class
Membership/Pricing: $150/month

Class is held at the Red Dragon Dojo located in River Ridge, LA. This is a small, modest martial arts studio designed to promote disciplined training and a positive attitude.


The Red Dragon Dojo was opened by Sensei Christopher DiNatale in 2004. There, the ways of the Red Dragon Martial Art System are taught, encompassing four areas of concentration: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Weapons Training, and Self-Defense.

Program Highlights:

Highlights include childrens' self-defense against a grown adult attacker, five different traditional martial arts weapons to train with, dynamic style Kung Fu techniques and forms, and a low cost of training including no contracts or additional fees of any kind.

Support Services:

Support is given by and through the generosity of all the parents whose students are enrolled and active in class.


Class activities include stretching, learning the various Kung Fu techniques, training with kicking and punching mitts as well as a life-sized dummy, using foam-padded weapons for forms and techniques training, and belt-ranking and awarding for accomplishment.

Field Trip Destinations: Field trip destinations may include the New Olreans Museum of Art for the Asian Cultural Exhibit, the movie theatre for a martial arts movie or media outlet, another martial arts school to experience diversity and culture, and Asian/Chinese Fest at Audubon Park for a martial arts demonstration.
Program Information:

The Red Dragon Dojo is a 21st Century Martial Arts Center owned and operated by Sensei Christopher DiNatale.  There, one will learn the ways of the Red Dragon Martial Art System encompassing four areas of concentration:  Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Weapons Training, and Self-Defense.

All ages and weight classes are welcome.  The Childrens' Class meets every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday @ 4 PM and the Adult Class meets every Monday and Thursday @ 7:30 PM.  Sensei Chris offers a non-contractural tuition rate of $150 per month for full-time students ( 2 classes per week ), or $75 for part-time students ( one class per week ). 

Private training is also available for $90 per hour and is scheduled per availability.


Slogan: "Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield."