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Address: 6429 Bishop Ave. Columbia, SC 29203
Phone Number: 803-754-6720 ext 206
Fax Number: 803-754-5445

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Richland County Recreation Commission

Director: Mike Williams
School District: Richland One, Richland Two, and Richland/Lexington 5
County: Richland County
Schedule: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM M-F During the academic school year
Ages: K-5 - 8th grade
Membership/Pricing: Please call 803-754-6720 ext 206 for infomation on pricing

The Richland County Recreation Commission has provided quality recreation and community services and facilities for 41 years. We are an integral part of the complex network that makes Richland County communities places people like to call home. To effectively serve the residents of the county, we strive to be responsive to their diverse needs by being flexible and creative while designing programs and facilities that work for everyone. For over three decades, we have provided quality services to youth and adults with special needs, to a growing, active senior population, to a generation of young people facing tremendous daily pressures, to adults who need the release and relief that recreation can bring, and to the natural resources of the community, doing our part to protect the open space in our care. We will continue to do our part to make Richland County a great place to live, work, play, and grow.

As part of our commitment to the needs of residents in Richland County, the Recreation Commission first offered After School Programs in 1975 at a Recreation facility. Since that time we gradually expanded and even started the first Horrell Hill Elementary After School Program in Richland School District One. Now with fifteen sites throughout the county, the Recreation Commission continually evaluates the After School Program to make sure it meets the needs of students, families, and schools.

Program Information:

Comprehensive schoolwork assistance, which includes communication with the student's teachers and parents.

_Approved grade-level programs geared toward promoting readiness in statewide tests through group interaction and discussion.

_Academic enrichment programs offered throughout the year in conjunction with academic institutions such as the University of South Carolina.

_Interactive academic contest including: spelling bees, geography bees, chess clubs, etc.

_Art and craft projects which allow for creative exploration and individuality.


_“Get Fit" Physical Fitness Program which is outlined by the 'President's Council On Physical Fitness' and has specific goals for each grade level.

_ Age-appropriate games and recreational sports programmed by recreation professionals.


_"GET M.A.D!” - a signature character and leadership program which encourages, recognizes, and enables students to develop knowledge and skills which promote ethical and responsible behavior, therefore truly "Making A Difference".

_“Life Points” - Our Life Skills training helps students achieve their personal best in life while promoting self-responsibility, goal setting, integrity, financial management, and communication skills.

_ “PROJECT ALERT” in Richland County grant which will target students between the ages of 10-13 attending the Richland County Recreation Commission's After School Programs.  Students will engage in interactive group sessions that focus on the Project ALERT curriculum in an effort to prevent adolescents from beginning to use drugs.  Parent and caregivers will play a vital role in the implementation and will come together for a parent workshop that focuses on the Guiding Good Choices program.  The parent workshop is designed to teach skills to parents and students that allows children to successfully meet the expectations of their family to resist drug use.

_And countless opportunities for positive social engagement with peers through programmed co-operative activities which stimulate interaction and communication among participants.