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Address: New Hampshire 909 Islington Street, West Entrance Portsmouth, NH 03801 Maine 435 Cider Hill Road(Rt. 91) York, ME 03909
Phone Number: 603-828-7270

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Seacoast Tai-Chi Club
Seacoast Tai-Chi Club
Seacoast Tai-Chi Club

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York Adult Ed

Director: Nicanor Snow
School District: York
County: USA
Schedule: Sunday
Ages: Kids (9-12), Juniors & Teens (13-16), Adults 18+, Senoirs 58+
Capacity: 24

Established Since 2000

Program Highlights:

Students will learn the fundamentals of Tai-Chi Chuan. Tai-Chi consists of
a series of slow soft movements and postures centered on the theory of
Yin-Yang; reduces stress and anxiety and is a ultimate form of exercise.