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Address: South Riding, VA 20152
Phone Number: (800) 651-8059

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Additional Information

Focus: Middle School and High School
County: Fairfax
Ages: 12 - 16

String teaches kids core concepts in computer science. Our philosophy is to make learning fun and engaging because any good teacher knows that students learn best when they are internally motivated.

String's workshops teach kids how to decompose problems logically and how to read and write in a formal programming language. This type of algorithmic thinking and expression equips our kids with a technical skillset valuable in today's competitive educational arena.


Based in Loudoun County, Virginia, String, LLC was started in early 2013 to help young people who are thinking about pursuing a career in Software Engineering, Software Development or who are just curious.

Program Highlights:

Our workshops use coding as a means to learn how to think. Coding is an excellent way to boost creativity, think about problems, and come up with ways to solve those problems. Coding involves abstract thinking as well as procedural and functional thinking. These are all essential skills for learning how things work, solving problems, and empowering yourself.

Slogan: Learn to code. Learn to think.