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Basic Information

Address: 4332 Northaven RD. Dallas , TX 75229
Phone Number: 214.357.8431
Fax Number: 214.357.2986

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Town North YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
Town North YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
Town North YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
Town North YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

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Additional Information

Focus: After School Programs
Director: Katherine Ansley
Schools Served: We are happy to say we are in several DISD schools and Lamplighter School. On– Site Schools Addresses John J. Pershing Elementary 5715 Meaders Lane , Dallas ,75229 George B. Dealey Montessori 6501 Royal Lane, Dallas 75230 Anne Frank Elementary 5201 Celestial Road, Dallas75254 The Lamplighter School 1161 Inwood Road, Dallas 75229 Off—Site Schools Addresses Harry C. Withers Elementary 3959 Northaven Road, Dallas75229 William Cabell Elementary 12701 Templeton Trial,Dallas75234 Tom C. Gooch Elementary 4030 Calculus Road , Dallas , 75244 Nathan Adams Elementary 12600 Welch Road , Dallas 75244 Everett DeGolyer Elementary 3453 Flair Drive , Dallas 75279 Jerry Junkins Elementary 2808 Running Duke DR Carrollton 75006 ALL OFF-SITE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS WILL BE TRANSPORTED TO JOHNSTON OUTPOST. The address to this location is 3325 Valley View Lane , Farmers Branch , Texas , 75234.
School District: DISD
County: Dallas
Schedule: Release from school till 6:30pm
Ages: 5 to 12yrs old
Capacity: Different at each school
Membership/Pricing: Family Members $220; Program Members $245/month
Program Highlights:

Kidz Lit
Kidz Lit is an all encompassing reading program. The goal is to bring good books to life. A variety of curricular components are integrated to encourage children to think and apply knowledge. Art, drama, music, writing, discussions, and games reinforce and expand upon a child's existing skill level. With Kidz Lit, children get excited about books.

CATCH is a coordinated school health program which builds an alliance of parents, teachers, child nutrition personnel, school staff, and community partners to teach children and their families how to be healthy for a lifetime. The four CATCH components - ‘Go For Health' Curriculum, ‘CATCH' Physical Education, ‘Eat Smart' Nutrition Guide, and family ‘Home Team' activities - reinforce positive healthy behaviors throughout a child's day and make it clear that good health and learning go hand in hand.

Support Services:

Financial Assistance

Program Information:

The Town North Family YMCA After School
Program will abide by all standards regarding child care prescribed by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and by the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. In order to attain full compliance with these standards, parents must complete all enrollment forms thoroughly and provide new information promptly as changes occur during the year or children will be dropped from the program.

If your child is going to be absent from the After School Program, please notify the YMCA staff before 12:00 p.m. on the school site phone or at the YMCA. Be sure to give your name, child's full name, and your security code. A $3 charge will be assessed if no notification of an absent child is given.

Meals/food service practices
individually wrapped snacks will be administered.

Personal Belongings
Remember to label all items brought to the program. Encourage your child to be responsible for their belongings. The YMCA cannot be responsible for lost items.

Sign In/Out
All children are expected to check in with the YMCA staff no later than 10 minutes after the school's release bell. Children who do not abide by this policy are subject to dismissal from the program. Parents must sign their child/ren in and out every day with their full signature, not initials. Drivers License numbers and names must be on file before a child is released.

Staff will never leave a child unsupervised. Each YMCA After School site will hold to a 1 to 15 ratio at all times.

Medication Policy
Medications will not be dispensed.