Basic Information

Address: Main Office Location: 1920 Main Street, Suite A Santa Monica CA 90405
Phone Number: 310-857-5730

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Additional Information

Focus: Character Education
Director: Tamar Datan
Schools Served: We partner with: KIPP, Imagine Schools, Various Public/Private Schools, YMCA, Girl Scouts, Boys/Girls Clubs, Big Brother Big Sister, and other Youth Organizations
School District: national organization
Ages: 10-18 years (primarily middle school)
Capacity: unlimited
Membership/Pricing: FREE

TrueSpark is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to expose, immerse, and engage America's youth on issues of character through watching inspiring movies and participating in interactive activities.

Program Highlights:

TrueSpark uses the power of film to demonstrate Positive Character Traits in action. We offer five different series at no charge. Each package comes complete with 10 carefully selected movies (in DVD format) along with a comprehensive instructors' guide that provides step-by-step directions for implementing a TrueSpark program. Our instructors' guide identifies the Positive Character Traits associated with each film, and explains specific ways to explore them most effectively with youth. Information about conducting corresponding activities is also provided, along with other tools for engaging participating youth in lessons about character.


Arts/Craft, movies, literacy, team building, social media, games, etc.