Zingg's Karate Center

Basic Information

Address: Zingg's Karate Center 111 W. 2nd Avenue Ranson, WV 25438
Phone Number: 304-261-0160

Action Shots

Zingg's Karate Center
Zingg's Karate Center
Zingg's Karate Center
Zingg's Karate Center

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Additional Information

Focus: Self-defense, self-control, self-discipline,respect, self-esteem through martial arts training
Schools Served: Jefferson County, WV
School District: Jefferson County Board of Education
County: Jefferson
Schedule: Monday through Friday, 4pm-8pm
Ages: 1st grade through 12th grade, 6-18 years old
Capacity: 20
Membership/Pricing: $99 per month

Setting is an existing martial arts school, 1200 square ft of training area, male and female restrooms and changing areas, showers in each dressing area. Water Gatorade and snacks available for purchase, or refrigerator available for personal snacks, drinks, lunches.


Martial arts school has been in existence since 1984. Owner is a current Jefferson County high school special education teacher, with 45 years in the martial arts, and 24 years in the educational classroom, with experience from Pre-K through Jr, High PE, Jr. High through High School special education. 6 years experience teaching martial arts at the college level. Earned a BA in Physical Education, and a Masters in Special Education. Specializing in At-Risk youth, as well as children and adults who are interested in using the martial arts to get in shape, to help with interpersonal skills, self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem, and self-defense.

Program Highlights:

Relaxed friendly atmosphere for the teaching of Japanese Kempo, Okinawan Karate, Japanese Ju-jutsu, Japanese Iaido and Kenjutsu Sword classes. 4pm to 5pm for after school program for kids and teens. 5pm to 6pm class for general kids and early teens program, 6pm to 7pm class for teens, advanced kids and adults, 7pm to 8pm program for teens and adults.

Support Services:

Students must provide thier own transportation to and from the martial arts program location.


Active physical activity in traditional martial arts techniques of grappling, heavy bag kicking and punching training, self-defense training, partnering work, kicking, punching striking, blocking, defense techniques, throws, take downs, getting out of holds and chokes. All heavy bags are scaled down for all ages and sizes of children and teens. All training is under controlled supervision at all times.

Field Trip Destinations: Occasional field trips to martial arts competitions and demonstrations, weekends only. Some extra fees may be required.
Slogan: The Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together!