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Focus: Camp Starfish provides a 1:1 staff-to-camper ratio at all times to enable success, build social skills, teach coping mechanisms, and help children who have difficulty finding success in traditional settings.
Owner: Camp Starfish, Inc.
Director: Jamie Mahnken
Address: 12 Camp Monomonac Road, Rindge NH 03461
Phone Number: 978-637-2617

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Camp Starfish
Camp Starfish
Camp Starfish
Camp Starfish

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 6-22
Camp Season: Summer and Year-Round

Starfish is a different kind of summer camp. At Starfish, we focus the needs of each camper and meet them where they are, then help them get where they need to be. We teach children how to interact appropriately in a social group, play cooperatively on a team, and resolve conflicts verbally and peacefully. Campers also work on individual goals, all while being active outdoors, exploring their talents and interests, and having fun. We're proud to receive frequent feedback that campers are returning home having made great strides. For many children, Starfish is the first place where they can truly succeed, where they feel comfortable and cared for, and where they make their first real friend.

Gender: co-ed
Camp Capacity: 50
Pricing: $995+
Additional Information:

The Starfish philosophy, which provides 1:1 support for campers, is based on engaging campers in a variety of well-structured traditional summer camp activities in a safe and predictable environment. Through the use of Strategies, Tools and Keys, we make camp a positive, safe place where campers are actively participating in things they enjoy. We help children learn what it means to be accountable for their choices through positive feedback and without embarrassment, enabling them make more productive choices in the future. Starfish is a place to "learn, grow and have fun."

Everything at Starfish is specifically geared to meet the needs and abilities of each bunk, activity group, and child. Staff consistently seek innumerable ways to provide campers with positive reinforcement while helping them to recognize and articulate their strengths. At Starfish, we believe in "catching children being good" and capitalizing on those experiences as teachable moments, in addition to setting up therapeutic supports to help children during times when they are struggling.

Slogan: Camp Starfish fosters the success and growth of children with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges by providing individualized attention as part of structured, nurturing and fun group programs