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Focus: Youth STEM project based programs in applied science and engineering
Owner: John Aviste, P.Eng.
Director: John Aviste, P.Eng.
Address: 28556 State Route 342 Black River, NY 13612
Phone Number: (315) 773-5673

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 8 to 17
Camp Season: Summer

College and university campuses deliver an at college experience for your child with technologically equipped classrooms, and inviting, landscaped outdoor spaces. We embrace the outdoors whether it is to launch rockets, build bridges, loose trebuchets, explore coastal waters, whale watch, model the inner solar system, use telescopes, play team games, collect samples, make observations, operate a hydraulic machine or fly drones.

Gender: Everyone is welcome!
Camp Capacity: 14 with an Instructor & Assistant to child ratio of 7:1 or less
Pricing: $735 with a multiple session discount, referral incentives and Counselor in Training (CIT) pricing

Individual and team projects are featured in each of our ten different, week-long, STEM day programs. Here is a sample list of activities, depending on the topic chosen:

• Build a bridge.
• Design, model, simulate, build, test and fly a model rocket.
• Understand basic optics and then assemble a refractor telescope.
• Learn to observe and record your observations the way Galileo or daVinci did.
• Code and fly that code with a drone.
• Program a drone and then simulate it before building and flying it.
• Team build a type of catapult, a trebuchet and then use it outside to knock down a mock castle wall.
• Collect and prepare samples for viewing under a microscope.
• Envision hydraulic machines and then build them in a makerspace.
• Tinker with water rockets and discover the right mix of water volume, air volume and air pressure.
• Communicate your ideas on paper.
• Share and present you findings to the other children.
• Showcase your accomplishments at the end of the week to family and friends!
• Engage in games and challenges that reinforce concepts learned, all while having fun.
• Embrace safety, quality control and ethics.

Additional Information:

Imagine a place where your child has the freedom to explore applied science and engineerin, where individual and team projects make it a hands-on experience. Your instructor, an engineer, scientists or scholar, challenges you.

Choose from these ten different STEM week-long day programs:

Bridge Building
Catapult Engineering
Drone & Code
Drone Makerspace
Galileo's Astronomy
Hydraulics Makerspace
Microscope Adventures
Summer Rocket Blast Off
Super Science Sampler
Whales n' Things

"Edge on Science takes science off the page and puts it into the hands of your child."
-Rondalyn Whitney, mom

Team build a suspension bridge outside that spans 8 meters between its towers. Design, model, simulate, build, test and fly your own model rocket. Write code. Program a drone. Understand basic concepts and engineering principals. Consider form and function in engineering design. Envision a hydraulic machine and then make it. Communicate an idea. Showcase a catapult. And of course more :) Do this, all while having fun and making new friends. Join us and enroll today!

"Our daughter had a terrific week at Summer Rocket Blast Off. It looks like we'll be setting aside shop area for rocket building."
-Westord MA dad

"My boys came home full of ideas and eager to return the next day. Hydraulics was unlike any other camp they've been to, in the best possible way."
-Anita Raman, mom

"My greater education was from summer enrichment, because it took me to another level."
-Connell Cloyd, M.Ed.

Slogan: Create • Test • Discover