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Basic Information

Focus: S.T.E.M, Working in teams, Inventing
Owner: Lily Skop
Address: 18801 E Berry Dr, Aurora, CO 80015
Phone Number: 7202164508

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Inspire to Learn & Imagine
Inspire to Learn & Imagine
Inspire to Learn & Imagine
Inspire to Learn & Imagine

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 5-14
Camp Season: Spring and Summer
Camp Capacity: 20 kids per session
Pricing: starting at $175

Inspire to Learn and Imagine offers educational, STEM based camps, after-school enrichment programs, preschool classes, in-school field trips and birthday parties. We specialize in LEGO-inspired programs as well as Escape Room experiences for kids.

Additional Information:

Inspire to Learn & Imagine camps offers a safe place for kids to enjoy playing, learning and creating, where children build their self-confidence while triggering their lively imagination. During camps we work on special projects, play games, engage in challenges and contests. Children explore concepts of science, history, engineering, art and math while having lots of fun imagining, creating and solving fun brainy puzzles!

Creative Brikster and Maker camps: Campers will be involved in several hands-on projects and activities everyday. Using Technic LEGO® bricks, campers will practice building motorized models, gadgets, machines, and rides. Using a variety of electronic, technic, and everyday materials, kids will leverage their science and engineering skills in each of their creations by making circuits, light-up, dancing, and music making projects.

Escape Room Creator camps: With a variety of themes, each new session is sure to bring something new to the table. Campers will participate in a real escape room experience; get involved in decoding codes and ciphers, solving puzzles, and unraveling mysteries. This camp emphasizes teamwork, creativity, analytical skills, memory, and problem solving. In teams, kids will create their very own mini-escape rooms complete with puzzles, clues, and mysteries!