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Owner: Lily Skop
Address: 18801 E Berry Dr Aurora, CO
Phone Number: 7202164508

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Inspire to Learn & Imagine
Inspire to Learn & Imagine
Inspire to Learn & Imagine
Inspire to Learn & Imagine

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 5-14
Camp Season: summer, spring, fall, winter
Camp Capacity: 6-20
Pricing: $199-$325

building with LEGO, robotics, programming and coding, design LEGO models, challenges and logic puzzles, games, crafts, engineering projects.

Additional Information:

Inspire to Learn & Imagine STEMplicity Camps offer a safe place for kids to enjoy playing, learning and creating, where children build their self-confidence while triggering their lively imagination. During camps we work on special projects, play games, engage in challenges and contests. Children explore concepts of science, history, engineering, art and math while having lots of fun imagining and creating!

Advanced Robotics: Grow critical thinking and creativity skills in this mind-blowing Advanced Robotics camp! Campers will learn how ideas can become reality as they begin with building cool model robots and finish with creating their own designs using Mindstorms EV3 systems. Kids will learn to program robots to move, adjust speed levels, make robots turn, avoid obstacles, draw, and more. Ages 8-14

Escape Room Creator: Campers will participate in breakout games and escape rooms, learn different codes and ciphers, figure out puzzles and solve mysteries! This amazing camp focuses on team work, creativity, practicing analytical skills, memory ability and problem-solving skills. In teams, kids will create puzzles, leave clues, and create mini-escape rooms of their own. Expect cool projects, fun games, amazing challenges, and super cool real "Circus Train" Escape Room Experience on the last day of camp! Ages 7-14

Stemplicity STAR-Wars Inpsired Camp: From the Galaxy Far Far Away, we bring to you this sensational camp, filled with cool LEGO® models building, awesome STEM projects, Star Wars themed games and Jedi Training. Join forces with the greatest heroes of the universe and take down the darkest evil ever faced. This week will train you in the honor of the Jedi, while challenging your imagination with cool missions. Don't miss out! May the Force be with you! Ages 5-12

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