Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Camp

Basic Information

Focus: Boating
Owner: Boatingin DC
Director: Haley
Address: 3500 Water St. NW, Washington D.C., 20007
Phone Number: 202-337-9642
Fax Number: n/a

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Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Camp
Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Camp
Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Camp
Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Camp

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Additional Information

Ages/Grades: 9-14
Camp Season: June 17th- August 16th 2024

Nestled in the heart of historic Georgetown, Washington, D.C., our boating day camp offers an unparalleled setting for young adventurers. Situated against the majestic backdrop of the Potomac River, our camp provides a unique opportunity for kids to learn and play in one of the nation's most iconic locations. With the charm of cobblestone streets and the energy of the city, campers experience the best of both worlds. The day camp format ensures that each evening, our campers return home, allowing families to enjoy the vibrant community of Georgetown while their children build lasting memories during the day. The waterfront location enriches our boating adventures, offering a dynamic and picturesque environment for kids to master kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding skills. Join us in Georgetown for a summer of excitement, learning, and outdoor fun along the beautiful Potomac River!

Gender: CO-ED
Camp Capacity: Each week will have a capacity of 21 campers
Pricing: Full week Monday to Friday=$572

Boating, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, canoeing, arts & crafts, nature walks, fun competitions, paddling, fishing, camp Olympics, environmental education, team building, scavenger hunts, picnics & outdoor lunches, waterfront games,

Additional Information:

Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Day Camp

  • Embrace the harmony of the outdoors inside our nations capital! Let the vibrant energy of our camp counselors ignite your love for boating like never before. Join the fun now! Register before the end of January for 15% off your total! (Discounts cannot exceed 25% off)
  • January registration cost: $486.20 (15% off)
  • February registration cost: $514.80 (10% off)
  • March registration cost: $543.40 (5% off)
  • April- August registration cost: $572
  • Bring a friend &/or multiple weeks of sign up: $543.40 (5% off each)
  • There is a capacity of 21 kids each week, so sign up early!
  • Each week at camp varies, but you'll typically use canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards to boost your boating confidence, learning safe paddling, launching, landing, and advanced maneuvers--all while making new friends!
  • Each week features specific boating activities with a unique daily theme twist. For instance, during the "Lizards & Lagoons" theme, you'll enjoy fishing at least once that week!
  • Week 1: Swamps & Sterns; This week, delve into a detailed exploration of different boat types and their components. Engage in daily boating activities and Potomac learning, such as mastering port navigation from the stern and recovering from a capsized kayak
  • Week 2: Time Travel; Embark on a chronological journey! Each day of the week will spotlight a specific past decade. Travel back to the caveman era to discover dinosaurs, experience the Renaissance by creating your painting, and groove with hippies in the '70s to learn tie-dye techniques.
  • Week 3: Mermaid & Sailors; Dive into a week of mysteries and myths! Create your sea monster and explore mythological sea creatures while enjoying on-and-off-water games.
  • Week 4: Wild West; Saddle up for a foot stompin' good time! Decorate cowboy hats, engage in water lasso contests, kayak duels, and explore the Potomac and nearby nature while identifying critters.
  • Week 5: Pirate Fever; Set sail for high-seas adventure as pirates this week! Create a compass, navigate obstacle courses to discover buried treasures, and embark on a thrilling journey with your shipmates.
  • Week 6: Around the World; Embark on a 5-day global journey to Hawaii, Japan, Kenya, France, and Ecuador. Create your passport, paddleboard in a hula contest, and enjoy daily activities inspired by each country.
  • Week 7: Lizards & Lagoons; Explore your surroundings! Identify trees, plants, and animals on and off the water. Venture around the camp and nearby nature parks, including a day of fishing on our boats. Get hooked on Key Bridge this week!
  • Week 8: Olympics; Gear up for a week of Olympic excitement! Embrace the spirit of competition as campers partake in various sporting events, honing their skills in activities inspired by the Olympic Games. From relay races to friendly competitions, each day promises a thrilling quest for victory. Join us for a week of camaraderie & sportsmanship!
Slogan: Key Bridge Boathouse Summer Camp Adventures: Paddle, Play, & Make Waves!